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We love to hear about your experience at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates (MVA). Please take a few moments to describe your experience with us and our ability to provide caring and effective service. Download our Submit a Testimonial form and email it along with a digital photo of your pet(s) to Julie McKeever.


Brutus is a 12 ½ year-old, full-sized Dachshund who has lived with me for 10 years.  On May 8, 2018 after our morning walk; I heard a “Yelp” and Brutus was paralyzed from the waist down.  Brutus has been a pretty healthy and strong-willed dog and this was a scary moment. We immediately went to Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Norristown, PA.  We had never been there before, but it was highly recommended by friends.  Having called ahead, the staff was ready for Brutus.  They had seen this type of injury before as disc injuries are common in small dogs; particularly Dachshunds.  The doctors were clear on the alternatives: while there was a surgical procedure, they could not guarantee success and Brutus’ age made any procedure risky.  By 8:30 that morning, I was able to speak with Brutus’ regular Vet and some others in the veterinary field.  Keeping our decision clinical; we decided to try the surgical procedure.  The surgeon, Dr. Timothy Schwab, was much more positive about the prognosis.  We were given the cost estimate of $7,000-$8,000. Within 5.5 hours of the injury; Brutus went under the knife.  The surgery was a success as they removed all the broken bone of a crushed disc in Brutus’ back. Being an older dog and because he’s Brutus: he was not a great patient.  He wanted to come home and be in his surroundings.  Dr. Schwab gave us daily updates and the staff let me visit for hours at a time.  By Day 5, we were able to bring the little guy home. Brutus still couldn’t walk but he was home and on his way to recovery.  Dr. Schwab estimated 8 weeks for him to regain the use of his back legs.  This was a slow process, but the recovery was taking hold and Brutus got better every day.  We returned to our normal routine although the morning walk was now a morning “carry”.  But, the little guy kept charging.  He was out of pain and dealt well with the frustration of falling often.  During this time; we submitted our bills ($6,900-below the low end of the range!!) to PetPlan Insurance (Brutus and his old house-mate Cheeks were long-term clients).  The good people at PetPlan helped expedite our claim and even collected the additional information from our regular Vet themselves.  Within weeks we had our check for $4,600!!  And, Brutus was able to stand and take his first steps! Now we’re 60 days past the surgery.  Brutus’ hair is growing back, he can move himself from one room to another and enjoys walking the yard again (although it takes some time and patience).  He’s never been in any pain, his check-ups with Dr. Schwab are all positive and he’s headed for a full recovery.  Every day he gets a little better as his coordination returns.  It was a tough road for him (and us) going through this process but we made the right choice for our Dachshund.  This choice was made a WHOLE lot easier knowing we were insured with PetPlan and that we had such a good hospital (Metropolitan) to care for him.  Thanks to all!


Lena has been my constant companion for the past 16 years. I  never thought that I could become attached to a cat but after meeting  Lena and her big brother Leonard I was hooked. Lena is a sweetheart so that day in February when I discovered a small growth on her left front leg I was concerned. At first the growth didn't seem to change but by the end of February it had more than doubled in size. I made an appointment with Lena's vet to have her looked at. Lena's vet immediately referred me to MVA.  Since I was already familiar with MVA I felt very confident that Lena would receive excellent care with the best possible results. I made an appointment with Dr. Hearon. After Lena's initial consultation Dr. Hearon  explained to me that Lena had a large fast growing sarcoma that needed to be removed. Dr. Hearon was very through in her explanation of how the procedure would be performed, possible consequences as well as Lena's recovery. Lena is a small cat. She weighs ten and a half pounds so her little legs are just that, little and with the size of the growth on her leg there were some concerns. Lena had the sarcoma removed on March 26th and stayed with MVA until March 30th at which time I was able to bring her home. Throughout the month of April Lena and I made visits twice a week to MVA for bandage changes. Each time we were met by a very friendly and courteous staff of professionals. On May 1st Lena's bandage came off and that was the first time that I actually saw Lena's leg after the surgery. From that point on I emailed Dr. Hearon photos of Lean's leg weekly. Each time I received a prompted reply and words of encouragement. On June 26th, two months after the surgery Lena and I made another visit to see Dr. Hearon. After a thorough examination and a chest x ray Lena received the best possible news that I could have hoped for. Lena has made a complete recovery and is once again claiming her  rightful spot among her canine companions. She is the only cat with three large dogs to keep inline. I can't say enough about the doctors and staff at MVA. These people are all truly professionals and I will always entrust my best friends to their care.


Last Thursday, my family and I lost everything in a devastating house fire that momentarily took our dog from us. Firefighters and EMT personnel brought him back and rushed him in the ambulance to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates in very critical condition. The staff and doctors have given my dog unbelievable care round the clock and am happy to report saved my dog and he is now back home with us and back to himself. The doctors and nurses not only saved my dogs life but my three kids and myself. They are a godsend. Jared Gray


Two weeks ago today my dog was hit by a car and should have died. Today he had his last follow up and is home healed and safe. I can never truly say how thankful I am to the amazing staff there. From showing up without shoes on and being comforted and offered a pair of sandals, to the surgeons that put Humpty Dumpty back together, the nurses that took around the clock care, the caring and nice receptionists that greeted us every visit, to Dr. Morgan who kept in touch with Roscoes progress through other Drs even when she wasn’t working. My dog is alive because of you, and yes although pricey, I wouldn’t put a price on my dogs life. I will forever be thankful to live by such an amazing vet. Thank you guys!


On May 7, 2016, my cat Skyler was transferred from Harleysville Veterinary Hospital to Metropolitan because of breathing difficulties.  I was immediately checked in and a nurse came out to speak with me immediately as well.  She took Skyler in the examining area for a consultation and exam by Dr. Gaunt.  Within 20 minutes, Dr. Gaunt appeared and called me back to meet with him.   He was extremely kind and caring and Skyler was showing of signs of either asthma or pneumonia and a fever.  His recommendation was putting him in the oxygen area and using an inhaler.  He also suggested that since his lung x-ray didn’t clearly show pneumonia, he would still treat him with an antibiotic to cover this possibility, but he was going to consult with Dr. Buckman, who would take over the case the following day because Dr. Gaunt was off.  When I called later in the day, Dr. Gaunt was very clean in giving me the medical information I requested in terms I could understand.  The following day was called by Dr. Buckman who explained that what he and Dr. Gaunt believed was Skyler’s problem (asthma) was different from what the radiologist thought, so would consult that same day with the internal medicine doctor, Dr. Groman, and ask him to take over the case.  Dr. Buckman met with me personally and explained that most likely more studies would have to be done to find a valid conclusion.  When I called in twice later to find out how Skyler was, I was connected to nurses who took a lot of time with me to tell me how Skyler was doing.  Dr. Groman took over the case on Sunday night and his nurse called me Monday morning to ask if I could come in to see Dr. Groman to discuss Skyler.  He wanted me to spend time with Skyler first to observe his behavior and them meet with him.  I can’t tell you how much his bedside manner made me feel so much more calm and hopeful.  He lay the whole prognosis out there and explained the variables in the most compassionate way I have ever experienced.  It is obvious that he is extremely bright, very highly motivated and organized to a fault!  And he is a people person.  We decided to order further tests and he was back in touch with me two more times that day.  He also called my regular vet to explain the treatment to him. Skyler really began to improve Monday and Tuesday and was discharged Tuesday.  Dr. Groman came out to the lobby when I arrived to speak at length with me regarding discharge instructions and future options.  Skyler is now home, eating, drinking, purring loudly and his brother and sister are overjoyed!  This has been the very best veterinary emergency experience I’ve ever had and I can’t praise the entire staff for going above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you so much. Patricia


As you know we lost our beautiful Max on Monday, February 9, 2015. He put up a good fight but on Friday we knew something was terribly wrong. We rushed him to your emergency. They were not sure what was going on but said that the cancer might have spread to his spine. He was having a hard time walking. When we got home we were praying for the best but as the weekend went by he got worse. On Saturday and Sunday he was barely able to get up from the floor. He just laid in the living room on the carpet and did not want to eat anything. He did not seem to be in pain but we knew it was time to say goodbye. We kept him comfortable. This was not our lively Max who loved to run, fetch, and just have fun! You could see he was sad. It broke our hearts but on Monday we had "Laps of Love" come to the house and Max took his last breather at approximately 13:00. He was such a good boy and we did not have enough time with him but the time we had we made the most of. He loved camping, beaching, going to restaurants, playing fetch, and just plain having fun. He was the best dog! I would like to thank you all (especially Dr. Rau, Ashley, and Alyssa) for making this tough time when Max was sick, special. You were all so kind to us and especially kind to Max. He loved you all! He will be missed! Thank you, Susan and Rich


Dear Dr. Jacqui Niles, I brought by dog Ellie to you for ACL surgery last November. Ellie had taken a bad step outside the house, and tore her ligament. She was in pain and her whole world had been turned upside down due to her injury. I was referred to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates by Dr. Jane Latta, my Vet. I remember being very concerned with taking Ellie to Norristown from West Chester because she does not like to travel in a car, and often gets sick. I decided to take Dr. Latta's advice however. One of the best decisions I have ever made for my dog. From beginning to the end, it was a welcoming experience. Never an awkward moment. The staff was professional and very nice. It was obvious to me that the people at your clinic truly enjoy their job, and take their jobs very seriously. When my dog and I met with you for your initial analysis of Ellie's condition, you were extremely thorough, and a total straight shooter. Your compassion for Ellie was obvious. You alerted me that Ellie may very well need surgery on her other leg also from what you were looking at, but would make that determination in the surgery room. I remember telling you to do exactly what you would do for your own dog under the very same circumstances. It ended up that Ellie needed double ACL surgery. It was a tough time for her with both of her legs bandaged for weeks, but we all got through it. Ellie had to be carried everywhere, and going to the bathroom was an adventure to say the least. We still have the booties for her legs and can now look back and laugh about the experience. Just like you said though, Ellie would bounce back, and in 6 months would be her old self.  It seemed exactly at the 6 month mark that Ellie on her own decided to come up and down the steps. That was an awesome sign that we had not seen in ages. Now we are 13 months out from the surgery and Ellie is now 100% and enjoying life. Having a healthy Ellie is exactly what our family needs. We all have you and your staff to thank. Just wanted to send this note, because I cancelled the follow up appointment one year after the surgery because Ellie is doing SO WELL.  Also wanted to let you know just how much you are appreciated!!! Sincerely, The Ellis Family


My name is Ann, and I am writing today to thank you for bringing our 8 year old terrier mix “Rusty” back to wonderful health. In May of last year we think that Rusty was injured by jumping off of high bedding and he hurt his legs. After taking him to the vet we were told to take him to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates. Upon meeting with Dr. Timothy Schwab we were informed that Rusty had torn not only one but both ACL’s in his hind legs.  We quickly agreed that Dr. Schwab perform that surgery and to our delight a few months of TLC and light exercise we can happily say that Rusty is back to being to totally wonderful, playful, and full speed dog he was meant to be! We can’t say enough praise for Metropolitan Veterinary Associates, and especially for Dr. Timothy Schwab. He is a true miracle worker!! Thank you to everyone who helped Rusty through his ailment. We would never look any further than Metropolitan Veterinary Associates for any of the needs of our pets! P.S. Rusty wanted to personally thank Dr. Schwab for the excellent work he performed!!


  “Dr. Farver and her team has been nothing short of amazing.  From our first visit where she spent 2 hours with us to now where each phone call was returned and all questions were answered, everyone has made us feel so comfortable and happy we chose Metropolitan Veterinary Associates.  After countless vet visits at other locations, no one could figure out what was wrong with Levi.  Our first visit, Dr. Farver had a plan in place to make Levi comfortable.  Today, after 3 years, Levi is back to his happy and mischievous way and we couldn’t be happier!  Thank you all!”


Our dog, Rosie, a 9 pound ten year old Yorkshire terrier, was severely bitten by a neighbors out of control dog on Tuesday night August 5th.  We were extremely fortunate to have been referred to your facility for treatment.  With the skilled care that night of Dr. Buckman, he successfully repaired multiple puncture wounds and a punctured lung.  It was a close call if she would even make it, but after two intense days, she came home.  She received excellent care while in your hands, including an excellent discharge nurse.   Some unforeseen complications (infections from the bite wound), beyond your control, resulted in two more surgeries by Dr. Schwab.   He was very informative, patient and optimistic about the various issues that we ended up dealing with to watch our dog recover for another five weeks.   As Dr. Schwab promised we now have our dog fully recovered and back to normal.   There were many visits to Metropolitan during the six week period, and the service could not have been better; not just the doctors, but also the nurses and front office staff. While this whole ordeal was trying on both Rosie and us, the care that she received was exceptional and permitted us to have our dog back again in full, which at times seemed uncertain.


I cannot thank Dr. Lori Cabell enough for her fantastic care of my Azzurra. Between January 2014 and April 2014, Azzurra had a total of 3 surgeries—two fracture repairs and finally, an amputation. Dr. Cabell was with Azzurra through it all. Not only did she have a genuine love and care for Azzurra, Dr. Cabell was a great source of help and support for me. As a dog mom, the surgeries and after-care and then the decision to amputate were extremely difficult for me. Dr. Cabell recognized that and really was there for me throughout the entire process. Azzurra is a resilient pup and far stronger than I ever could be, and I am so grateful for all the efforts the staff at Metropolitan has made throughout her hospitalizations, surgeries, and post-operative care. Even Sharon at the front desk has been supportive, kind, and caring towards Azzurra and me. I am so happy to have my fun-loving puppy back, and I owe it all to Dr. Cabell and the staff. Thank you all so much for the top-notch care and support over the past few months! Jenna


To Dr. Niles, On February 27, 2013 you performed major surgery on my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Rory. Some challenges followed and by October 2013 more surgery was needed. It was this final surgery that got Rory back on track to good health. It is a year since Rory's odyssey began.....and now I'm very pleased to tell you that Rory is doing extraordinary well. This winter brought quite a bit of snow. Rory enjoyed every trip outdoors. I am grateful for the all the members of Metropolitan Veterinary Associates who devote their lives to the health and welfare of our winged and four legged family members. You are a unique group of compassionate, talented individuals. Thank you for all your kindness, hard work, and dedication. Sincerely, Mags Allen


Our dog Shia recently suffered a ligament issue. We were referred to Metropolitan by our regular veterinarian. We were treated so well, first with palliative therapy; which later required surgery. Throughout everyone was so caring. Our Sheltie seemed to enjoy his visits which were on time; we never felt rushed and all our questions and concerns were addressed whenever something arose that we needed an explanation. All over a good experience and would recommend them to anyone. Loved the cute bandages!


I came to Metropolitan when my vet found a mass on my dog Chippers lung. We met with oncologist Dr. Rau who clearly explained our options and took the time to answer all of my questions, and made herself available by phone as well. After taking some tests, which were done promptly, we decided to proceed with surgery. Dr. Niles did an outstanding job removing the mass and explaining the procedure before and after. She called every morning with an update on Chipper, which was very comforting. I was able to visit every day while he recovered. He is 15 years old now and still going strong. Dr. Rau, Dr. Niles and all of the staff were extremely knowledgeable, professional and empathetic. I would highly recommend Metropolitan to anyone, you will be sure your pet will receive the best care possible.


Empathetic, Skilled Emergency Care We were so pleased to receive an update on Isabella, a Himalayan cat who required emergency care recently. Read a letter about her experience: Dear Staff of Metropolitan Veterinary Associates, My friend Isabella and I are new to your facility and services. We arrived at your door in our hour of greatest need, as undoubtedly many of your clients do. In acute distress, we had already been to see two other veterinary clinics. Isabella, my 8-year-old Himalayan cat, experienced sudden onset of laryngeal and pharyngeal swelling, causing acute respiratory and swallowing issues. The first vet suggested emergency surgery for an ileus – not an acute problem but secondary to aerophagia. The second vet scoped her...but tore her trachea in the process.  I am writing to thank everyone at Metropolitan, but most especially Dr. Jason Chamberlin, and the staff on duty when we arrived that September evening. I have been to many veterinary practices in my life, and I work in the medical field. I get it, client families are often harder to deal with than the patient’s presenting disorder – especially in a fast-paced and trauma charged atmosphere. MVA was a very different experience. My entire experience at Metropolitan was strictly 5-star, a marvel that left me nigh speechless. First off, my experience with every staff doctor was exceptional. Their knowledge base, intuition, exam skills, treatment and diagnostic selections wer impeccable. And every single doctor spent as much precious time as was necessary getting Isabella’s story straight, and discussing events and treatment options. WOW! I spent the most time with Dr. Chamberlin, so I have the most accolades for him. He stayed completely professional and logical, and his empathy within his practice brings tears to my eyes even now. He was exceptionally respectful to both Isabella’s needs and my own. His clinical skills are excellent. May he practice ‘til he’s very old and very grey. Double Wow! The staff – both on the front desk and in the back of the house – were outstanding. Despite the hectic buzz of incoming and outgoing patients and owners, EVERYONE HAD A SMILE AND A GREAT ATTITUDE! I didn’t mind waiting, but everyone was mindful of the stress of waiting, and offered their apologies. Usually, you’re lucky to find one person during your experience that you think was great. Triple Wow. When I left ‘Bella at the hospital that first night, it was the first time we had been separated in seven years. I could only bring myself to go because I was confident that the care she would get at Metropolitan would surpass my own. That says it all. PRICELESS. Isabella is still recovering, but I truly believe that she would not have made it had we not come to Metropolitan that fateful night. You have my most sincere gratitude and highest recommendation. Thanks again, Ulana H. Lansdale, Pa


After a trip to my regular vet, I was recommended to take my dog, Stella, to see Dr. Northington. The thorough explanation of his findings with Stella gave me piece of mind that is priceless to anyone worried about the health of their pet. Thanks to Dr. Northington, I feel that I have a very good handle on Stella's health and a complete understanding of what is going on with her. His efforts with Stella were second to none, and I could not be happier with Dr. Northington and the staff at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates. Cheryl


Hi All — Sophie had malignant melanoma in her mouth, which we discovered in February. The tumor was small and removed immediately by our vet - Dr Jane Latta. Unfortunately it grew back in July. With the tests results we went to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates and spoke with Dr Lori Cabell.  Dr. Cabell looked at Sophie and the tests that we had taken from our vet. We explained our concerns with her and we had tests done that would provide her with as much information about where the tumor was / if it spread, etc. So Sophie had X-rays, Ultra Sound, and CAT scan and after they were done it showed the tumor in her gum where the previous surgery had occurred. With the good news that there was no evidence the cancer had spread we decided to go ahead with the surgery with Dr. Paul Orsini. We spoke with Dr. Orsini for over an hour about what he was going to do and he showed us on a skeleton of a canine skull, while he sat on the floor with Sophie and was very sweet with her. He called after the surgery and said everything was fine and Sophie was ok. The first words from him were she's a tough little girl. She was already awake and standing up. I am truly amazed how we were treated at Metropolitan Vet Assoc by the Dr's there and the staff. They could not have been more caring and compassionate. At one point when I asked Dr. Orsini if it were his dog, how he would treat her - his reply was - she is my dog right now - that's why I am treating her this way. Again we cannot say enough about Dr. Lori Cabel and Dr. Paul Orsini for all their help and dedication. Think about Metropolitan Vet Associates if your dog is in a difficult situation and need a specialist.” Polly & Martie

Thank you for having the pet loss support group tonight. It really was helpful to be with friends who understand. Anonymous


Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and compassion with regards to Beau's cancer appointments, I know that I probably drove you crazy.  But I am very aware and appreciate the people who answer the calls at the front desk, the intermediate staff, as well as the surgeon.  You all have got it right. Dr. Schwab and his staff are so great and you all really made it easy for me to leave Beau and not worry so much. Also, I sent the attached photo to the The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund and it should be posted on their website maybe on Monday. Thanks To all of You. Judy


Dear Friends, Our regular veterinarian was wise to suggest Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital as the ONLY place to take our pup for surgery.  The staff and surgeons saved our sheltie, Gingers life by expertly removing her very diseased Gall Bladder. From the moment we arrived until we brought Ginger home we found everyone to be kind, caring and most responsive to all our needs.  Dr. Fink greeted us and examined Ginger to confirm the original diagnosis and lucky for us, Dr. Schwab was available for the operation – on a holiday. Morey and Bonnie


My dog, Queenie, a rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, underwent surgery from another veterinarian at a different Animal Hospital in August 2012. Queenie’s surgery at this other Vet was horribly botched, causing a seriously fractured femur and a drastically shortened right hind leg, which completely took away her ability to walk. The first vet attempted to correct their mistake but only ended up worsening Queenie’s condition, as the pins that were placed in Queenie’s leg migrated out of the bone into the muscle, her femur torqued sideways, and her hip became completely dislocated.  Queenie could not walk and dragged herself around, only able to move very short distances and with much pain and discomfort. I carried her up and down stairs and from room to room in my house. Queenie’s leg was a wreck. Dr. Cabell tried a wait-and-see approach to give Queenie’s leg the opportunity to heal, but after a check up, Dr. Cabell saw that the previous surgery left Queenie’s leg in such bad shape that it would never heal on its own. Dr. Cabell went in, performed surgery, and repaired all of the mistakes made by the other Vet. Dr. Cabell reconstructed Queenie’s leg by taking out all of the mangled hardware in her rear hind leg – broken wires, pins going through muscle - and corrected her fracture by placing a bar with screws anchored through the bone, and giving her two live bone transplants. And Dr. Cabell performed the surgery the day before Thanksgiving, going so far as to take Queenie back into X-Ray while under anesthesia to locate and remove the pins stuck in her leg muscles. Dr. Cabell also called me Thanksgiving morning while checking in on Queenie to let me know how well my beloved dog was doing the day after surgery. It has been 6 weeks and Queenie can now walk, which is truly a miracle. Dr. Cabell had told me that Queenie’s leg was in such bad shape that it should have been amputated, but due to Queenie’s severe arthritis in her left hind leg, she would not have been able to live as a three legged dog. Dr. Cabell is not only the very best surgeon you can find, she is also compassionate, honest, caring, dedicated to the animal’s welfare, hardworking, has the highest level of integrity, this list could go on and on. If not for Dr. Cabell’s heroic efforts in the operating room, my dog, Queenie would not be here with me today. Queenie is only seven and still has many years to play and live, and Dr. Cabell gave Queenie her life back and gave me my dog back. The first few years of Queenie’s life were very rough, and I have only had the honor of having her as my companion for 2 1/2 years now, and by the grace of God and Dr. Cabell – Queenie is here to stay. The staff at Metropolitan has always been very professional, kind and helpful. Truly a top-notch establishment. Don’t go anywhere else. Sincerely Sharon


We were referred to MVA by our veterinarian, Dr. Mike Herman at Trooper Veterinary Hospital.  Our first appointment was December 4, 2012 with Dr. Jacqui Niles.  After a biopsy and abdominal imaging, Dr. Niles informed us Lilly had a tumor of her blood vessels and a mass in her spleen.  Dr. Niles was both professional and saddened while explaining the above diagnosis. The evening of December 29, 2012 we took Lilly to MVA to say “goodbye”.  The staff on duty that evening helped us through a very difficult time – arranged to have Lilly’s ashes returned to us and also sent us a thoughtful card a few weeks later.  We would highly recommend anyone needing specialized help with their pets to use the services of Metropolitan Veterinary Associates. Ruth Ann


Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Carmel and I brought my beagle, Nikki in for emergency care on Sunday afternoon the 17th of February. From the moment I walked through the front door I knew I made the right choice with Metropolitan.  Nikki was extremely sick when we arrived in need of a blood transfusion after surgery.  The compassion showed to my family was incredible. From the receptionist, to the nurses, to Dr. Yard. We were given the plan of treatment in a very short time by Dr. Yard. Everything was explained in detail to us and as upset as we were we knew she was in good hands.  Her blood transfusion was started within an hour and we were told there was nothing more we could do at that point but we most certainly could call back to get an update on her as early as 8:00 that evening.  When I did call back each person I spoke to was more courteous and helpful than the next.  We visited with Nikki the next morning and again were treated as family.  Dr. Yard made it her business to visit with us and give us an update on her progress.  Nikki was so happy to see her when she entered the room and that put us even more at ease.  She was well enough to be released last evening and even though I thought I couldn’t be more impressed with her care, I was.   The nurse Jen who took her to us knew her personality and her likes in just that short time.  She was immaculately clean; as though she had been at home the whole weekend. Your staff and facility are to be commended on the exceptional care Nikki received.  Norristown is about an hour drive from our home, but I would never hesitate one moment to take Nikki back to you if the need should ever arise.   Please extend our gratitude to Dr. Yard and her staff from my family.  They made such a terrible experience for us so very comforting. Sincerely, Carmel

Start to finish; there is no better veterinary hospital to be found.  The doctors are kind, extremely knowledgeable and they care about both the animals and the owners. Dr. Rau, Dr. Northington and our dear Dr. Cabell have saved several of our dogs when they would have died at any other vets office.  We highly recommend the whole staff.  Being associated with a dog rescue we deal with veterinarians in 8 states; Metropolitan is hands down the BEST. Marilyn Faughner

Bailey, Ryley, & Lucy

I have had the unfortunate opportunity to require specialty and emergency services for all three of my dogs (Bailey, Ryley and Lucy) over the course of the past month, specifically for ophthalmology, internal medicine and emergency visits. As unfortunate as it was that my little dogs would require these services, I can truly say that the fact that we chose Metropolitan Veterinary Associates to provide care for them was the absolute best decision we could have made. During every visit with Dr. Corr and our visits with Dr. Kuczynski and most recently with Dr. Fink, we were met with nothing less than exceptional care, extensive knowledge, compassion and veterinary service. The amount of time spent on thoroughly explaining my pets' conditions, care suggestions, listening to my concerns and answering questions regarding each of their conditions was truly appreciated on so many levels and more than we could have ever expected or have experienced anywhere else. Each and every staff member that we encountered exhibited nothing but upmost professionalism, compassion and a genuine care for the animals they have chosen to assist by working in this field. I applaud this tremendous care facility and the staff for clearly accepting nothing but the best when it comes to providing services to our well loved animals. I am incredibly thankful too for all the staff that both me and my dogs encountered for providing us nothing but exceptional care and compassion during incredibly difficult circumstances. As a lifelong dog owner, I have had the opportunity to utilize specialty services from practices throughout Pennsylvania and New York State. I highly recommend Metropolitan Veterinary Associates and Emergency Services to anyone out there who may find themselves in need for emergency or specialty care services while hoping that the staff of this remarkable practice will know how thankful both my husband and I, in addition to dear pups, truly are. Thank you for being a leader in providing excellent veterinary care and for going above and beyond for the families you serve...... We are truly grateful. Taryn and Tim, Philadelphia PA


Dr. Yard, Thank you so much for the kindness you showed Merlot in his time with you. It is because of your care that he is alive and asleep at my feet tonight. Merlot is doing amazingly well. He is eating and playing as though nothing happened. He has gained back all of his lost weight and even presented me with his first two normal poops this morning (and he was very proud of those poops too). He is very happy to be alive and I do think he knows how lucky he is. Thank you so much. Please thank the staff and everyone at Metropolitan for all they did to save Merle the Pearl. Ardis Lukens VP Mid Atlantic Jack Rescue **We found out Merlot went to his forever home.


I brought my dog, Schultz (7 year old German Shepherd), to Metro on Thursday morning. Metro is about 2 hours away from my home, and I was referred there from another emergency clinic. Schultz was VERY ill, where I did not know if I would see him again when I left the clinic. I truly did not know if I would see him alive again. I can tell you that I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the clinic. I have never had a human doctor keep me as informed as Dr. Kuczinski has. I never felt pressure to make a decision, she provided treatment options, explained to me how sick he was, and kept me informed of his condition every step of the way. There's a chance that his sickness may continue for a while, but I know that if he continues to need help, I will trust Metro to take care of any major medical issues. Whether he recovers 100% or not, I know he has a chance to recover due to the life-saving steps that they took because they really care about our kids. Schultz saw Dr. Kuczinski, Dr. Niles (performed surgery on his infection), and Dr. Chamberlain. Wonderful people.


Dr. Schwab and staff, Thank you so much for taking such good care of Lilly while she was with you guys. Last weekend she entered the agility ring for the first time since her surgery. She set a new personal record for fastest times in both rings. I had so many people come up to tell me how amazing she's doing and that she looked like a totally new dog out there. I'm proud to say Lilly is officially on her way to qualifying for the 2014 AKC Agility Nationals.


Hi Dr. Cabell, I just want to thank you for taking such excellent care of Hannah!!  After all this time we finally have our answer as to what was wrong with her.  She’s resting right now and happy to be home.  I will highly recommend Metro to anyone in need of service. Thanks again and have a great weekend!! Beth


Kelly – our 7 year Sheltie became sick and not eating.  We took her to our Vet where x-rays, blood work etc. were performed.  After several days of not getting better, our Vet recommended we take her for an ultrasound.  When arriving at Metropolitan we were greeted with open arms.  The ultrasound was performed and we were immediately told that Kelly required surgery on a ruptured gall bladder.  The Doctor at Metropolitan was not sure of the extent of the problem.  Let me tell you, that the Doctor performed the surgery on one very sick dog with less than 2% survival rate.  The next few days were critical, however I am very glad to report that Kelly is like a new puppy, full of energy and eating us out of house and home.  Thank God for the wonderful people at Metropolitan.  They saved Kelly’s life.  We are forever grateful. Renee Hashinger and Susie Evasew


To Purl's Dear Doctors: I want to thank you both so much for your care and treatment of Purl. Thanks to your diagnosis and surgery, she is a normal happy puppy now. The transformation was so immediate and remarkable that I still can't quite believe it. I had resigned myself to Purl's having a very difficult and probably short life. Every time she ate, she was in terrible danger of choking to death. She had quit gaining weight and I was afraid she just was not going to be able to get enough food to thrive. Now she eats happily and easily with no gagging or coughing. She has gained an entire pound since the surgery! It's all I ever wished for Purl, and you made it happen. I also want to say how impressed I was with the staff at your hospital.  Everyone I dealt with, from the moment I walked in until I checked Purl out, was unfailingly polite, kind, competent and efficient. Until you encounter that kind of systemic professionalism, you don't realize how rare it is. Your organization could serve as a model for other practices, veterinary or otherwise. Every good thing I heard from my friends and customers about Metropolitan, and there were many of them, was confirmed by my own experience. Thank you again for Purl's happy life - and mine! Sincerely, Patricia


Kevin’s Story When Finding Shelter Animal Rescue heard about a tiny, sick Chihuahua who was surrendered to a very overcrowded Philadelphia animal shelter, the response to the request for rescue help was answered and the little dog named Kevin was accepted with the commitment of care and a chance at recovering and living a long and healthy life. Kevin was picked up from the shelter and taken straight to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates for emergency care. He was emaciated, jaundiced and not able to control his bladder. Kevin was very weak and very, very sick. He weighed two and a half pounds (half of what his healthy weight should have been) and could barely walk. Dr. James Buckman was the veterinarian who took on Kevin’s case and saved his life. From providing immediate care needed to keep Kevin alive, to explaining the diagnostics and educating the Finding Shelter fosters every step of the way, Dr. Buckman, Dr. Chamberlain, the other emergency doctors and staff were a truly wonderful partners in the commitment to save Kevin. Kevin was not showing many signs of improvement for the first, few days in the hospital as he was very underweight and not interested in eating. Dr. Buckman believed that he had a very serious (yet preventable) illness called Leptospirosis and was very patient as he answered the foster family’s questions about Kevin’s prognosis. He also allowed for the foster family to visit every day as they got to know him and tried to help him eat. Kevin was in what seemed to be kidney and liver failure as his daily blood work and urinalysis indicated that he may or may not survive. Dr. Buckman was honest yet hopeful every step of the way and when the rescue’s decision was to move forward with Kevin’s care and not give up on him, he supported the decision and came up with a plan to treat and it worked! After a week in the hospital, receiving incredible care, Kevin had made such huge improvements that he was ready to go home to his foster family. Kevin still needed a great deal of medication, fluids and TLC, but Dr. Buckman and his team provided all of the information and medications needed to help Kevin’s fosters provide him with the best care possible. Kevin not only survived his ordeal, but he is a happy, healthy dog and is thriving in his home. He has been given a clean bill of health with no permanent damage to his organs and was healthy enough to have surgery to be neutered. Kevin loves to play with the other dogs in his home, loves treats and to eat and is happiest when cuddling with his mom. The experience with Dr. Buckman and Metropolitan Veterinary Associates during Kevin’s hospitalization and recovery was simply tremendous. Not only did they provide the highest level of care for Kevin, but they shared in the joy of his recovery and offered such terrific support to his family as they dealt with his very serious illness. Kevin is an example of how just giving a dog a chance and the opportunity to receive great medical care can save a life. Thank you, Dr. Buckman and Metropolitan!


Dear Dr. Kuczynski, My name is Matthew.  Words cannot fully express how I would like to thank you, Dr. Farver, Dr. Niles, and all the rest of the veterinary staff at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates for all of the care that you have given my German Shepherd, Arnold.  I know that he can be a piece of work frequently, but I genuinely appreciate it. Besides, I think he's probably one of the most popular clients there anyway. I think that he is in better shape now than he was this time nearly a year ago, when my family first referred him to this place by our neighborhood vet due to the severity of his fistulas during that brutally hot Tuesday last July.  I think that Metro Vets has the most compassionate and dedicated veterinary staff I have likely encountered in my life.  What I've learned from this last year was that surgery and the tacrolimus ointment have probably been the most helpful in controlling his condition.  He has almost completely accustomed to the treatment methods we give to keep those holes, as Dr. Niles calls them, from recurring.  I have described the methods as a combination between using a bidet, wrestling, and changing a baby's diaper.  Bringing him back to life after nearly losing him due to the Atopica overdose and having him come home was one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received.  When he kept spitting that pill out, I think he was trying to tell me two things. One, that it tasted awful. Two, he was trying to inform everyone that not only was it not working, but it was making him feel worse. He's a very smart boy (most of the time). I know that he probably will not be completely 100% for the remainder of his life, but I am thrilled that he is steadily returning to the frisbee catching boy my family and I have known and loved. He still struggles with bowel issues, but he is not screaming like a fox while defecating like he did most of last year. When that happened, I nearly would be on the verge of tears because of all the pain he endured.  Anytime he has intestinal issues, it is likely because of his "dietary indiscretions" my mother talks about. Most recently, it is because he has consumed either grass or other material that he should not be eating. He gets over them eventually anyway. In summary, the Lieberman family will forever be grateful for all the hard work, dedication, and determination of the veterinarians in helping one of my best friends, even when it is his time to say good-bye to us. Sincerely yours, Matthew & Family Devon, PA


My first experience with MVA was in 2008 when Dr. Gross removed a cataract and later in 2008 removed another cataract and implanted lenses and Tia (miniature pinscher) was able to see very well. She became sick in September of 2009 and was under the care of Dr. DeBiasio and was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and kidney disease.  Tia was tube fed into the neck for 10 days and Dr. DeBiasio had to jump start her kidneys.  Without Dr. DeBiasio’s care, I don’t think Tia would have survived. Tia has been under the care of a lot of doctors at MVA:  Dr. Farver, Dr. Roland, Dr. Corr, Dr. Schwab, Dr. Northington, Dr. DeBiasio, Dr. Niles, Dr Rau and several ES doctors:  Dr. Hecksher, Dr. McGough, Dr. Suvannavejh, Dr. Chamberlain, Dr. Kalman and forgive me if I forgot someone.  You are all great veterinarians.  Tia always seems to get sick on the weekends when we sought the services of the Emergency Services. Tia has had many hospitalizations and the veterinarians and staff are very courteous and easily accessible and will always give me updates when Tia is hospitalized.  I always feel comfortable when she has to stay, but they always make her better. Tia had an ultrasound in April this year (2013) and they found a tumor in her small intestine.  Dr. Niles removed it and resected her colon.  Tia was home in 3 days; (17 years 4 months old) too old for surgery a lot of people told me.  Well they were wrong. Tia is doing great and without the great people and great medicine at MVA and MES, I would not have Tia today who is 17 years and 7 months old.


“My Boy” Chandler is over a 100 now … 15 years old and with good vision thanks to Dr. Gross! Regards, Chandlers Mom Lee


Dear Dr. Schwab & Staff, Brady is doing great after surgery! He’s back to being a silly lab, playing and eating with gusto! Thank you for the wonderful care he was given while at Metropolitan. The Wilsons

I first met Dr. Lori Cabell in 1999, when seeking further diagnosis of an orthopedic issue for my Rottweiler. I was thoroughly impressed by her kindness and gentle way of working with my dog, as well as her supportive and compassionate manner in explanations with me. I knew that I had found the veterinarian specialist for my family. She has been by my side for the past 13 years, in both happy and sad times, with numerous dogs and their individual issues. I fully trust her opinion and suggestions. I know that I can call her anytime to discuss any issue to determine 'next steps'. She has boarded my dogs medically when I have any hesitation that 'something' may be wrong, but am not quite sure. I couldn't ask for a better support system when she is involved. I feel truly blessed that our paths crossed so many years ago. I feel that she is a friend for life.

The staff at Metropolitan was great.  All individuals from my first point of contact on the phone through follow up visits were knowledgeable and courteous.  They took the time to answer my questions – and I had many. What I was most impressed with was Dr. Schwab.  When he came into the office he sat on the floor with my dog, let her jump all over him and I felt he really connected with her.  It is obvious what an animal lover he is.  I highly recommend Dr Schwab and Metropolitan Veterinary Associates. R Watson


Thank you Dr. Cabell for fixing me so I can run on the trail again.  I feel like a 14 year old puppy! I also wanted to thank all the nurses at Metropolitan for taking such great care of me while I was there.  You made my stay away from home as comfortable as it could have been. Cain


I brought my dog Gracie in for consultation with Dr. Niles for limping on her back leg. After examination Dr. Niles found that Gracie had a CCL tear and surgery would be needed. She explained in detail what the problem was and two different surgery options. I chose TPLO surgery. Surgery was performed and Gracie was kept overnight. Being a nervous pet Mom I called late at night and spoke to her nurse Angelina. I felt so much better after speaking with her and knowing that someone would be there to monitor Gracie throughout the night. I picked up Gracie the next day and was pleased that the cost of the surgery was exactly what I had been told. No surprises on the bill. We came home with complete written instructions for her home care. At six weeks I had an appointment with Dr. Caulfield who went over Gracie's physical therapy with me. Her instructions were detailed, clear and easy to follow when I returned home. Gracie is doing really well, I am very happy with the surgery and the care she received.  The entire staff at Metro-Vet really gets how important our pets are in our lives. Thanks! Mary Beatrice


Dear Dr. Schwab and Staff, I would like to thank you for taking such great care of Diesel. We can't tell you how much it means to us to know he is in such good hands. You have given him the ability to be a happy puppy for the first time since we got him. Can't wait to see him run and play again with no worries of pain. You and your staff are truly amazing people. Carleen and Marc


We have used Metropolitan twice in the last year for our beagle Remington.  Both cases were life threatening and the doctors at Metro responded instantly with the correct diagnosis and treatment.  We cannot thank you enough for saving a member of our family.  By far the best vet we have ever been to. Nate, Ashli, Maverick & Remington