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Paws Of Promise

The Paws of Promise Foundation is so grateful for the generosity of all of our donors. Here we recognize those who have contributed in honor or memory of a beloved pet or person.

In Honor of Abigail, Virginia, Spencer and Sam

Sandra Sholley
In Honor of Dr. Gross and In Memory of Charlie

Joseph and Frances Stimmler
In Memory of Gus

The Family of "Bayley" Goeppert's
In Honor of Dr. Cabel

Regina Community Nursing Center
In Memory of Gus

Richard and Barbara Brooks Pomerantz
In Honor of Beckham Pomerantz and Dr. Lori Cabell

Sara Helms
In Memory of Magnus

Frank Sobieski
In Memory of Blanche Wonseski

Edward Wonseski
In Memory of Blanche

John Schmidt and Mary Alice Burns
In Memory of Cody

Joseph Stimmler
For the great care rendered for our dogs - Gus and Prince

Louis and Sharon Zotti
In Memory of Bocce

John Schmidt and Mary Alice Burns
In Memory of Betty Miller Zaro

Charles and Gregory Furlong
In Memory of Shelbie

Brian Tigar
In memory of T-Bone

Diane Weil
In memory of Wendy

Eileen Weiswasser
In memory of Pud and Tat - missing you

Gail Natale
For our beloved Daisy Natale - best dog ever

Cheryl Taylor
In memory of Bentley Sedlak

Victoria Loving
In memory of Bailey Boo

Debbie Cieplinski
In memory of our darling Clementine - to help other kitties

Diane Brown
In honor of Dr. Rau by Misty Brown

Barbara Bianco
In honor of Dr. Corr, Stefanie, Kim, and Brittini

Charles Ashley
In memory of my ball-playing Corgi, Billy

Carol Burnette
In honor of Rusty who entered heaven on Aug. 31, 2014

Joan Weston
From Scooter Weston (DE) whose family will be forever grateful for your wonderful care

Dierdre Bostick
For Beesley

Gregory DeCowsky
In loving memory of my dear cat Hobie, sadly missed by her dad, sister Willow, and brother Gandalf

Sharon Willard
In memory of our wonderful Shadow

Guy Gibbs
In loving memory of Schultz and O'Reilly

Ritamary Hanly
In honor of the good work of MVA

David Geppert
With all my thanks. Smooches, Bayley Geppert

Martine Sween
In memory of Betty Miller Zaro, beloved grandmother of Bailey, Beanie, and Bub

Carolyn Brooke
In memory of Betty Miller Zaro - Bailey, Beanie, and Bub's grandmother

Linda Wallace
In memory of Pattie

Patricia Biswanger
In honor of Katelyn Farally's birthday

Bonnie Zeiber
In fond memory of Morgan Collinson

In memory of Royce Mazzagatti

In memory of Cory Newman

Karen Jasinski
A special thanks to Dr. Cabell for her extraordinary talent and compassion in caring for my papillons

For Boo Berry Wilmoth and Juno Gibson

Despina Page
In memory of CalVo's Nice 'n Easy aka Mac Page

In memory of Jake Maiden

Dana Ebert
In honor of Morgan Collinson - beloved, faithful pet of Kristine and Brent

Jean Wallace
Thanks to Dr. Schwab for his surgical work on Kodi

In memory of Firecracker Weiss

In loving memory of Virginia - who had a few extra lives thanks to all the great care at MVA

In memory of Trevor Fields

Jeanine Makara
In memory of Ari Constantine, beloved pet to Jen, Rich and Corinne

Terri Loring
In memory of our Dessa

Judson Hambleton
For Mason, Max, and Moby Lavery

Margaret Smigielski
In memory of loved ones

Shellie Cavallaro
In loving memory of Donny (Cat) Cavallaro

Melissa Reagan
In loving memory of Steven Rock; who loved dogs like no other.  We miss you!

Cheryl Taylor
In honor of Cozzie and Mollie Hankins

David Mennerich
For Winston

In loving memory of Tawny

In honor of our friend, Dr. Lori Cabell

Kara Kessinger
In memory of Bea - the best little chihuahua ever. Rest in peace my sweet baby.

Connie Enochs
For Blossom

Thomas Thiermann
For Zor

Michele Collins
In Memory of Scooby

Joan Weston
For Joan, Len, and Scooter

Robert Tango, Jr.
For Theo

Diane Brown
In honor of the doctors and staff who provided excellent care for my beloved cat, Misty

Matthew Panzarella
For our Labradors

John Black
For Sir Robin

Gregory DeCowsky
In loving memory of Hobie Cat, our sweet baby girl. We miss you every day! Willow, Gandalf, and Greg

In memory of Hampton Diblasi

Kim Storz
In honor of Patsy Storz

Scott Kissinger
For Buster Kissinger

Debbie & Stan Cieplinski
In memory of our darling Ceddie

Gregory DeCowsky
In honor of my late beloved Hobie Cat and our friendly feral cousin Bob

Jennifer Warrick
In loving memory of my favorite poodle Spencer

In remembrance of Lawrence Wargo

In memory of Einstein Zerweck

In memory of Henry Vigliano

Bruce Maco
In memory of Anya and Boots

Jeanine Makara
For Stella Hess

Tyler Britten
In memory of Rocky and in recognition of the wonderful MVA that cared for him

Mary Dunn
In memory of Beetle

Erin McAllister
In honor of the excellent care provided by the team at MVA

Gregory DeCowsky
In memory of our much-loved Hobie Cat and cousin Bob Cat

Carol Conquest
In memory of Madison Rose

Cheryl Taylor
In honor of Katie Sedlak

Robert McLear
In Memory of Aslan Schlossberg

Gina Petersen
In memory of Mozart, my little Cairn Terrier

In memory of Spencer Layre

Pamela Sullivan
In honor of my sweet Abbi, my cocker show dog, a class act

Judson Hambelton
In memory of Petunia

Cheryl Taylor
In memory of Thomas W. Jennings, Esquire

Sherri Mullen
In memory of loved ones

Jeanine Makara
In memory of Little Robinson, beloved companion to April, Jay, and pups

April Robinson
In Memory of Little Robinson

Linda Wallace
In memory of Pattie

Julie Rockhold
In memory of beloved Mr. Darcy, the Super Guy

Barbara Kirschner
In honor of our beautiful wondeful loving beagle Suzy

Deborah Cieolinski
In memory of our darling Clemmie

Dawn Knipmeyer
To my beloved Springer Spaniel, Piper. You are greatly missed. Love, Dawn and Jane

Pamela Garnick
In memory of Otis Boehmer

Sherri Mullen
In memory of Ripcord - a once in a lifetime dog, and special companion to Shirlee O'Neill

Margaret Havens
In honor of Jazzi

Carol Conquest
In loving memory of Madison Rose

Bryan Elwell
For Murphy Slaw

Jeanine Makara
In memory of Otis, beloved companion to Michele and Jeff

Virginia Petersen
In memory of Mozart

Barbara Cox
In memory of Tango

Amy Miller
In memory of our special dog, Beaches

Ritamary Hanley
In honor of MVA's clinical staff

In memory of Virginia, Abigail, Polly, Calvin, and Katie

Joy Coronel
In honor of the awesome MVA staff who cared for my cat Luna after she was hit by a car

Sherri Mullen
In memory of Puma, special friend of George and Regina

Sherri Mullen
In honor of Ellie, a truly special Boxer loved by Adrienne and John

Michele Hawks
In memory of Scooby, whose life was longer due to MVA's cancer care

Pamela Sullivan
In loving memory of my sweet Abbi

Margaret Smigielski
In memory of Roscoe, Freddie, Corky, Jasper, and Laddie

In memory of Dave Gabbarre

Gillian Waldron
In memory of Stormy, beloved puppy girl

Mary Lou Dunn
With gratitude from Arnold....a happy ending!

Tracy Wu
For Carl Meowser

David Geppert
Smooches  to the entire MVA staff who take care of me, Bayley Geppert

Susan Gretz
For Chelsea and Judy Case

Amy Myers
For Kayla

Jenn Burke
For Summer Burke

Sharon Wolfgang
From Buddy and Stella Luna

Dierdre Bostick
For my best friends Beesley and Mollymae

Shellie Cavallaro
For Donny

Sharon Willard
For Shadow

Tara Ryan
For Lexie

Bridget Faulkner
In memory of Denise F. Detweiler

Liuda Shtohryn
In memory of Bella

Robert McLear
In memory of Hope Miller

Gregory DeCowsky
In loving memory of my beautiful cat Hobie... missing you always, sweetie.

Dana Lupinacci
From Steve and Amy Kratz in honor of the love and care you showed their dachshund, Chloe

Christa Kaiser
For Itty Bitties Kaiser

Mary Ann Collins
Thank you MVA for helping out with the little stray dog today

Richard Trauger
From Tipper and Tiki

Melissa Reagan
In honor of our beloved Buddy and my father, who always had dogs by his side

Madeleine Richard
For Little Boy Grey - so loved, so missed

Wendy Pecorella
In honor of Niccolo

Robert Tango, Jr.
For Theo

Sandra Norton
In memory of KC, my best friend for 14 years

Dawn Knipmeyer
In memory of Piper - a woman's best friend. You are sadly missed. Love, Dawn and Jane

Judy Heasley
For Duffy, our love

Susan Bing
In memory of Kylie. We miss you so much and think of you every day

In memory of Valak Marchant

In honor of Chase Siegfried from MVA

Lilia Dornberger
In honor of Dr. Jennifer McGough for her compassion and care of Puck who passed on 2/14/17

Cindy Pitchon
In loving memory of our beloved poodle, Lilly

Tami Johnson
In memory of Ted E. Bear

Victoria Loving
In memory of Bailey Boo

Barbara Cox
In loving memory of Tango our best friend

Sara Helms
In loving memory of Jibby White

Grace Roemer
In honor of Missy Thomas's wedding, from her friends at Mathematica

Sandra Buysse
For Doris and Cecelia Buysse

Susan Zief
In honory of Missy Thomas and Tim Rosman's wedding

Maria Criniti
In loving memory of Bailey, forever in our hearts today and always

In memory of Gracie Simcox

In memory of Sam and Spencer

Francesca D'Angelo
In Memory of Nigel. He was a wonderful cat

Albert Leonard
From the Leonard Chocolates - Kody, Saydie, Bonnie, Clyde

Matthew Beck
For Aloysius & BeeJay

Sharon Wolfgang
For Buddy and Stella Luna

David Neubert
In memory of Mazie - MVA cared so kindly for her prior to her passing

Donna Dickinson
In memory of Mindy, our beloved Brittany

Michelle Leonard
In memory of my beloved Mikey, treated at MVA for over 2 years

Wendy Ferguson
In memory our little kitten Charlie girl

Despina Page
In memory of Mac Page

Mary Lou Dunn
In memory of Beetle

Michele Hawks
In memory of Scooby and all the others

Gregory DeCowsky
In loving memory of my sweet cat Hobie, from Willow, Gandalf, Sammy

Sandra Norton
In memory of KC Norton

Tom Goodwin
In memory of Web

Nicole Winger
In memory of Duke Facchine on behalf of The Pam Butera Group

Richard Trauger
In memory of my chihuahua friend Tiki

Melissa Reagan
For Buddy Reagan

Despina Page
In memory of Mac Page

Jillian Burns
In memory of Tucker - who just passed at 17 1/2! Miss him so much

Gina Petersen
In memory of Mozart

Stephen Pilder
In memory of our beloved Bailey and Orange

David Potter
In memory of Misty Blue and Sammy Software

Wendy Pecorella
In honor of Niccolo who was saved at MVA

Barbara Merves
In memory of Darryl

In memory of Shogun

Dr. Jessica Dimuzio
In memory of Bizou

Diane Weil
In memory of Topsey, Wendy and Mariah

The Clark family
In memory of Wynston

Robert and Nancy Ballantyne
In memory of Ruby

In memory of Oliver Szymanski

Donation made by Eileen Berko in memory of Mack owned by Sharon Wolfson and Gary Blum

From Dorene Pasekoff in memory of Pepper

Matthew and Margaret Strickler
In loving memory of Carly

For Dr. Carol Tavani and her dedication to helping pets and pet parents in need!

James Childs
God Bless...Fluffy Child and SaraJens Sir Gorham

Ellen Bruce
In memory of my sweet Libby

Kimberly Marmontello
In memory of our Julip

Greta Reimann
In memory of Pepper

Sharon Wolfgang
In memory of Buddy and Stellaluna

Robert Tango, Jr.
In memory of Theo

Kathleen & Gordon Hart
In memory of our beloved Toy Poodle, Jocko, who made us laugh daily for almost 18 years. We love you and miss you.

Linda & Darby Hand
In memory of Joseph C. Piazza

From Larry Mattis
In Memory of Buddy

In Memory of Eddie Rice

In memory of Jorie Barton

In loving memory of Jack Amendola

In memory of Lexi, David and Nancy Kintsfather

In memory of Beau Griffith

In loving memory of Thomas Thiermann

John & Suzanne Pritchard
In memory of Rigby

Melissa Reagan
In memory of Buddy

Kimberly Marmontello
In memory of Julip

Robert Tango
In honor of Theo

In memory of Sam and Casper McGough

In Memory of LeoNardo Tavani

Barbara Lagana
In loving memory of Evan Lagana

Danielle Lannutti
In loving memory of Evan Lagana

Mark Karen Talbot
In loving memory of Evan Lagana

Joseph Behnken
Loving memory of Piper Behnken

Patty Panik
Loving memory of Maddie

Deidre Dalmas
Loving memory of Sierra, Piper, Mallice and Foster

Richard and Mary Trauger
In memory of our dear friend Tipper

Christina Ryder
For loving Mercy and Desmond

Margaret Murphy
In memory of our sweet Chloe

The Paws of Promise Foundation at
Metropolitan Veterinary Associates (MVA)

The age-old adage is unfortunately so true – sometimes bad things happen to good people. And their pets. Typically at the most inopportune time as well…Fluffy eating a tube sock at midnight on a Saturday…Spots having a blockage at noon on a Sunday. It can be a scary time, and life-saving emergency veterinary care may not be an expense you’ve planned for.

Now, MVA has created the Paws of Promise Foundation to help good owners who are having trouble funding a pet’s life-saving emergency care. Through the generosity of our clients and donors, we are able to provide small grants on an as-needed basis to pets who qualify for our program.

To be considered for Paws of Promise funding, the pet must be receiving treatment at MVA, and be either a Good Samaritan case, or a pet whose owners are having significant financial difficulty affording treatment. Funding recipients must have a treatment plan and estimate from MVA and demonstrate that all other payment options have been exhausted including:

  • Personal finances (credit cards, care credit and scratchpay)
  • Donations from family and friends
  • Additional fundraising efforts

The Paws of Promise Foundation is made possible through a partnership with the Veterinary Care Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible and are used solely for animals in need.

MVA’s Paws of Promise Foundation. Helping you keep the promise you made to always take care of your four-legged friends.

How To Help

When you make a donation to MVA’s Paws of Promise Foundation, 100% of your tax-deductible gift will support the care of pets in need. To donate, click below and select ‘Pennsylvania’ and ‘Metropolitan Veterinary Associates Paws of Promise Foundation’. You can also send a check made payable to The Veterinary Care Foundation, 16550 NW 46th St., Morriston, FL, 32668 and indicate Paws of Promise Foundation in the memo.

Donate Now