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Affiliate Mission Statement

We aim to provide outstanding clinical service, advance research collaboration and exceptional educational opportunities for our students. The Affiliate practices work in partnership with Penn Vet to make a positive difference in the lives of our companion animals and their owners.

We strive to reach our goals and commitment to the affiliate program by offering the following:


Close relations with the community through clinical service.

Information Sharing

An environment that encourages the free exchange of ideas and recommendations between a teaching hospital and private practice referral hospitals.


A source for ideas for clinical trials at Penn Vet to help advance our knowledge and our understanding of disease and novel therapies.


Shared educational opportunities for our referring veterinary community via joint rounds and seminars.

Student Externships

An avenue for our students to take advantage of learning opportunities from an ‘approved’ private practice.

State of the Art Healthcare

Exposure to the best medical advancement in state of the art medical facilities.

Clinical Experience

Experience in a private that goes beyond what is available in an academic teaching environment.

Job Opportunities

Shared medical staff (i.e. shared employment/joint hires of clinicians) and a pathway for employment for our graduating students and residents.

MVA and COVID-19

MVA is open with select
in-person limitations.