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Kevin’s Story

When Finding Shelter Animal Rescue heard about a tiny, sick Chihuahua who was surrendered to a very overcrowded Philadelphia animal shelter, the response to the request for rescue help was answered and the little dog named Kevin was accepted with the commitment of care and a chance at recovering and living a long and healthy life.

Kevin was picked up from the shelter and taken straight to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates for emergency care. He was emaciated, jaundiced and not able to control his bladder. Kevin was very weak and very, very sick. He weighed two and a half pounds (half of what his healthy weight should have been) and could barely walk.

Dr. James Buckman was the veterinarian who took on Kevin’s case and saved his life. From providing immediate care needed to keep Kevin alive, to explaining the diagnostics and educating the Finding Shelter fosters every step of the way, Dr. Buckman, Dr. Chamberlain, the other emergency doctors and staff were a truly wonderful partners in the commitment to save Kevin.

Kevin was not showing many signs of improvement for the first, few days in the hospital as he was very underweight and not interested in eating. Dr. Buckman believed that he had a very serious (yet preventable) illness called Leptospirosis and was very patient as he answered the foster family’s questions about Kevin’s prognosis. He also allowed for the foster family to visit every day as they got to know him and tried to help him eat. Kevin was in what seemed to be kidney and liver failure as his daily blood work and urinalysis indicated that he may or may not survive. Dr. Buckman was honest yet hopeful every step of the way and when the rescue’s decision was to move forward with Kevin’s care and not give up on him, he supported the decision and came up with a plan to treat and it worked!

After a week in the hospital, receiving incredible care, Kevin had made such huge improvements that he was ready to go home to his foster family. Kevin still needed a great deal of medication, fluids and TLC, but Dr. Buckman and his team provided all of the information and medications needed to help Kevin’s fosters provide him with the best care possible.

Kevin not only survived his ordeal, but he is a happy, healthy dog and is thriving in his home. He has been given a clean bill of health with no permanent damage to his organs and was healthy enough to have surgery to be neutered. Kevin loves to play with the other dogs in his home, loves treats and to eat and is happiest when cuddling with his mom.

The experience with Dr. Buckman and Metropolitan Veterinary Associates during Kevin’s hospitalization and recovery was simply tremendous. Not only did they provide the highest level of care for Kevin, but they shared in the joy of his recovery and offered such terrific support to his family as they dealt with his very serious illness. Kevin is an example of how just giving a dog a chance and the opportunity to receive great medical care can save a life.

Thank you, Dr. Buckman and Metropolitan!