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My first experience with MVA was in 2008 when Dr. Gross removed a cataract and later in 2008 removed another cataract and implanted lenses and Tia (miniature pinscher) was able to see very well.

She became sick in September of 2009 and was under the care of Dr. DeBiasio and was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and kidney disease.  Tia was tube fed into the neck for 10 days and Dr. DeBiasio had to jump start her kidneys.  Without Dr. DeBiasio’s care, I don’t think Tia would have survived.

Tia has been under the care of a lot of doctors at MVA:  Dr. Farver, Dr. Roland, Dr. Corr, Dr. Schwab, Dr. Northington, Dr. DeBiasio, Dr. Niles, Dr Rau and several ES doctors:  Dr. Hecksher, Dr. McGough, Dr. Suvannavejh, Dr. Chamberlain, Dr. Kalman and forgive me if I forgot someone.  You are all great veterinarians.  Tia always seems to get sick on the weekends when we sought the services of the Emergency Services.

Tia has had many hospitalizations and the veterinarians and staff are very courteous and easily accessible and will always give me updates when Tia is hospitalized.  I always feel comfortable when she has to stay, but they always make her better.

Tia had an ultrasound in April this year (2013) and they found a tumor in her small intestine.  Dr. Niles removed it and resected her colon.  Tia was home in 3 days; (17 years 4 months old) too old for surgery a lot of people told me.  Well they were wrong.

Tia is doing great and without the great people and great medicine at MVA and MES, I would not have Tia today who is 17 years and 7 months old.