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Dear Dr. Jacqui Niles,

I brought by dog Ellie to you for ACL surgery last November. Ellie had taken a bad step outside the house, and tore her ligament. She was in pain and her whole world had been turned upside down due to her injury.

I was referred to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates by Dr. Jane Latta, my Vet. I remember being very concerned with taking Ellie to Norristown from West Chester because she does not like to travel in a car, and often gets sick. I decided to take Dr. Latta’s advice however.

One of the best decisions I have ever made for my dog. From beginning to the end, it was a welcoming experience. Never an awkward moment. The staff was professional and very nice. It was obvious to me that the people at your clinic truly enjoy their job, and take their jobs very seriously.

When my dog and I met with you for your initial analysis of Ellie’s condition, you were extremely thorough, and a total straight shooter. Your compassion for Ellie was obvious. You alerted me that Ellie may very well need surgery on her other leg also from what you were looking at, but would make that determination in the surgery room. I remember telling you to do exactly what you would do for your own dog under the very same circumstances.

It ended up that Ellie needed double ACL surgery. It was a tough time for her with both of her legs bandaged for weeks, but we all got through it. Ellie had to be carried everywhere, and going to the bathroom was an adventure to say the least. We still have the booties for her legs and can now look back and laugh about the experience.

Just like you said though, Ellie would bounce back, and in 6 months would be her old self.  It seemed exactly at the 6 month mark that Ellie on her own decided to come up and down the steps. That was an awesome sign that we had not seen in ages.

Now we are 13 months out from the surgery and Ellie is now 100% and enjoying life. Having a healthy Ellie is exactly what our family needs. We all have you and your staff to thank.

Just wanted to send this note, because I cancelled the follow up appointment one year after the surgery because Ellie is doing SO WELL.  Also wanted to let you know just how much you are appreciated!!!


The Ellis Family