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Empathetic, Skilled Emergency Care

We were so pleased to receive an update on Isabella, a Himalayan cat who required emergency care recently. Read a letter about her experience:

Dear Staff of Metropolitan Veterinary Associates,

My friend Isabella and I are new to your facility and services. We arrived at your door in our hour of greatest need, as undoubtedly many of your clients do.

In acute distress, we had already been to see two other veterinary clinics. Isabella, my 8-year-old Himalayan cat, experienced sudden onset of laryngeal and pharyngeal swelling, causing acute respiratory and swallowing issues. The first vet suggested emergency surgery for an ileus – not an acute problem but secondary to aerophagia. The second vet scoped her…but tore her trachea in the process.

 I am writing to thank everyone at Metropolitan, but most especially Dr. Jason Chamberlin, and the staff on duty when we arrived that September evening.

I have been to many veterinary practices in my life, and I work in the medical field. I get it, client families are often harder to deal with than the patient’s presenting disorder – especially in a fast-paced and trauma charged atmosphere. MVA was a very different experience. My entire experience at Metropolitan was strictly 5-star, a marvel that left me nigh speechless.

First off, my experience with every staff doctor was exceptional. Their knowledge base, intuition, exam skills, treatment and diagnostic selections wer impeccable. And every single doctor spent as much precious time as was necessary getting Isabella’s story straight, and discussing events and treatment options. WOW!

I spent the most time with Dr. Chamberlin, so I have the most accolades for him. He stayed completely professional and logical, and his empathy within his practice brings tears to my eyes even now. He was exceptionally respectful to both Isabella’s needs and my own. His clinical skills are excellent. May he practice ‘til he’s very old and very grey. Double Wow!

The staff – both on the front desk and in the back of the house – were outstanding. Despite the hectic buzz of incoming and outgoing patients and owners, EVERYONE HAD A SMILE AND A GREAT ATTITUDE! I didn’t mind waiting, but everyone was mindful of the stress of waiting, and offered their apologies. Usually, you’re lucky to find one person during your experience that you think was great. Triple Wow.

When I left ‘Bella at the hospital that first night, it was the first time we had been separated in seven years. I could only bring myself to go because I was confident that the care she would get at Metropolitan would surpass my own. That says it all. PRICELESS.

Isabella is still recovering, but I truly believe that she would not have made it had we not come to Metropolitan that fateful night.

You have my most sincere gratitude and highest recommendation.

Thanks again,

Ulana H.
Lansdale, Pa