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Dear Dr. Kuczynski,

My name is Matthew.  Words cannot fully express how I would like to thank you, Dr. Farver, Dr. Niles, and all the rest of the veterinary staff at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates for all of the care that you have given my German Shepherd, Arnold.  I know that he can be a piece of work frequently, but I genuinely appreciate it. Besides, I think he’s probably one of the most popular clients there anyway. I think that he is in better shape now than he was this time nearly a year ago, when my family first referred him to this place by our neighborhood vet due to the severity of his fistulas during that brutally hot Tuesday last July.  I think that Metro Vets has the most compassionate and dedicated veterinary staff I have likely encountered in my life.  What I’ve learned from this last year was that surgery and the tacrolimus ointment have probably been the most helpful in controlling his condition.  He has almost completely accustomed to the treatment methods we give to keep those holes, as Dr. Niles calls them, from recurring.  I have described the methods as a combination between using a bidet, wrestling, and changing a baby’s diaper.  Bringing him back to life after nearly losing him due to the Atopica overdose and having him come home was one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received.  When he kept spitting that pill out, I think he was trying to tell me two things. One, that it tasted awful. Two, he was trying to inform everyone that not only was it not working, but it was making him feel worse. He’s a very smart boy (most of the time). I know that he probably will not be completely 100% for the remainder of his life, but I am thrilled that he is steadily returning to the frisbee catching boy my family and I have known and loved. He still struggles with bowel issues, but he is not screaming like a fox while defecating like he did most of last year. When that happened, I nearly would be on the verge of tears because of all the pain he endured.  Anytime he has intestinal issues, it is likely because of his “dietary indiscretions” my mother talks about. Most recently, it is because he has consumed either grass or other material that he should not be eating. He gets over them eventually anyway. In summary, the Lieberman family will forever be grateful for all the hard work, dedication, and determination of the veterinarians in helping one of my best friends, even when it is his time to say good-bye to us.

Sincerely yours,

Matthew & Family
Devon, PA