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Help Save a Life!

We are currently looking for healthy dogs and cats to become MVA blood donors. Our blood bank functions just like a human one and without donors there is no blood for sick dogs and cats. Your pet’s blood could be used to save an animal from such situations as accidents/injuries, clotting disorders, anemia, surgery, poisons/parasites, or a variety of other situations.

Donor Requirements

  • Dogs must weigh at least 50lbs and Cats must weigh at least 10lbs
  • Both must be in good body condition and free of infectious diseases
  • Must be between 1-8 years in age
  • Must pass an in-person evaluation
  • No heart murmur
  • Healthy with a friendly disposition, be happy to meet people, and be easy to restrain
  • Up to date on vaccines and on monthly flea/tick/heartworm prevention
  • Cats must be indoor only
  • Must be able to bring pet in when needed (not more frequently than every 8 weeks)


  • Free full annual exam
  • Free annual bloodwork (Full CBC/Chemistry, Infectious Disease Screening)
  • MVA will cover the cost of a blood product in the future should your pet ever need one
  • The knowledge to know that you helped a pet in need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about pet blood donation? Our FAQ section is here to help! Learn everything from blood types in dogs and cats to the benefits of your pet becoming a donor. Click below to find answers to these common questions and more.

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