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Our six-year-old Dachshund mix, Riley, had been struggling with inter-vertebral disc disease since early 2019.  The first flare-up occurred in March, when our hyper and loving dog became lethargic and sedentary, and turned aggressive when approached by us.  An x-ray at our regular vet determined he had a calcified disc in his spine, and after a couple of weeks on an anti-inflammatory, he was back to normal.  However, he relapsed soon after while jumping down from our car.  He was instantly back to square one, and this time, the medication was having no effect.  In fact, his condition was worsening, and he was in an incredible amount of pain.

At this point, our regular vet insisted we see a neurologist, and called Metropolitan Vet Associates for us.  We were able to get an appointment the very next morning.  We live over an hour away from the clinic, but the trip has been worth it every single time. We met with Dr. Lisa Lipitz, and after just a few minutes with our dog, she was confident Riley’s disc herniation was causing compression on his spine which could not be rectified with medication, and that surgery would be necessary.  An MRI confirmed the same.  She explained to us the specifics of the surgery, answered all of our questions, and best of all, put our minds at ease.  They were able to get Riley in for surgery that afternoon, and we left knowing he was in good hands.  Dr. Lipitz stayed in constant communication with us that day and night, and we were able to bring him home the next evening.

The first couple days post-op were rocky (as could be expected), but Riley quickly returned to the alert, lively, affectionate dog we know.  Within a few days, his pain levels had noticeably decreased, and at his two-week appointment, his mobility was back to normal.  We followed Dr. Lipitz’s discharge instructions to the letter, and now, three months post-op, he has made a full recovery.

Dr. Lipitz and her staff were absolutely wonderful.  Many vets get frustrated with Riley because he is anxious and doesn’t like being handled by strangers.  Add to that the amount of pain he was suffering, and I know he did not make for a pleasant patient.  But the staff at MVA were so patient with him, accommodated him as best as they could, and always put his safety first.  They are true professionals who care about your pets, and we are so grateful to know we have a place we can trust for any future concerns.