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My name is Ann, and I am writing today to thank you for bringing our 8 year old terrier mix “Rusty” back to wonderful health.

In May of last year we think that Rusty was injured by jumping off of high bedding and he hurt his legs. After taking him to the vet we were told to take him to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates.

Upon meeting with Dr. Timothy Schwab we were informed that Rusty had torn not only one but both ACL’s in his hind legs.  We quickly agreed that Dr. Schwab perform that surgery and to our delight a few months of TLC and light exercise we can happily say that Rusty is back to being to totally wonderful, playful, and full speed dog he was meant to be!

We can’t say enough praise for Metropolitan Veterinary Associates, and especially for Dr. Timothy Schwab. He is a true miracle worker!!

Thank you to everyone who helped Rusty through his ailment.

We would never look any further than Metropolitan Veterinary Associates for any of the needs of our pets!

P.S. Rusty wanted to personally thank Dr. Schwab for the excellent work he performed!!