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Ways To Refer

Brochure Request

We have the following brochures available to download:

To order a printed copy of the brochure send us an email at today. Be sure to include your name, your hospital name and confirm the mailing address.

Refer a Patient to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates (MVA)

MVA accepts patients with a wide array of ailments. If you think a patient of yours may benefit from visiting one of our specialists in the following areas: anesthesiology, behavioral medicine, cardiology, critical care, emergency services, dermatology, internal medicine, interventional radiology, oncology, neurology, ophthalmology, radiology, or surgery please fill out our online referral form or fax our printable referral form.

In an emergency please call us at 610-666-1050 so that we can suggest immediate first aid measures. Additionally, this will give us the opportunity to prepare for the animal’s arrival and care based on this initial estimation of the situation. To aid our staff in swift, accurate diagnosis, our facility is equipped for blood analysis, radiology, cardiac EKG’s, as well as many routine diagnostic procedures. For more information visit our Emergency Services page.