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I brought my dog Gracie in for consultation with Dr. Niles for limping on her back leg. After examination Dr. Niles found that Gracie had a CCL tear and surgery would be needed. She explained in detail what the problem was and two different surgery options. I chose TPLO surgery.

Surgery was performed and Gracie was kept overnight. Being a nervous pet Mom I called late at night and spoke to her nurse Angelina. I felt so much better after speaking with her and knowing that someone would be there to monitor Gracie throughout the night.

I picked up Gracie the next day and was pleased that the cost of the surgery was exactly what I had been told. No surprises on the bill. We came home with complete written instructions for her home care. At six weeks I had an appointment with Dr. Caulfield who went over Gracie’s physical therapy with me. Her instructions were detailed, clear and easy to follow when I returned home.

Gracie is doing really well, I am very happy with the surgery and the care she received.  The entire staff at Metro-Vet really gets how important our pets are in our lives.


Mary Beatrice