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Kreed was seen by Dr. Jason Chamberlin as an emergency transfer from another animal hospital who gave him no hope on 7/29. The first animal hospital gave myself 2 options: Put Kreed down or the have him transferred to your facility. My immediate answer was to transfer him as he’s also had both cruciate ligament repairs done by Dr. Rebecca Wolf. The vet from the first animal hospital needed to call to discuss Kreed‘s obstruction case with Dr. Chamberlin and decide whether he was going to take the case. Dr. Chamberlin agreed. Myself and family were vacationing in Jamaica leaving our pet sitter to transfer him down to your facility. Once he was officially at your facility, Dr. Chamberlin called me to discuss the case. He told me he was aware of what the other vet had diagnosed him with, but wanted to see the severity of the case for himself and thank God he did. Dr. Chamberlin performed his own diagnostic studies and confirmed that the first diagnosis was completely wrong and Kreed did not need to be put down like the other facility pushed down my throat over the phone. He told me that the survival rate of the surgery was well in the 90th percentile as compared to the original rate of 3% (again a number from the other animal hospital.) Dr. Chamberlin successfully removed the obstruction and Kreed was on the road the recovery! Throughout his time being Hospitalized with your staff I received several updates from the team taking care of him, which put myself and family at ease. 

On August 2nd Kreed experienced more episodes of vomiting. I called the ER line unsure of what to do. The receptionist wasted no time and made sure to talk to the ER Vet immediately. They urged us to bring him in. Upon arriving Dr. Buckman performed another set of diagnostic tests confirming Kreed was experiencing intussusception and would need another surgery. He told us he would be able to call in a resident to perform the surgery since it was 3am or we could wait so an entire team would be there operating on Kreed in the morning. He reassured us that Kreed would be okay until the morning and would be heavily rehydrated. So we decided to wait. August 3rd Kreed was re-admitted to your facility. Dr. Tim Schwab called me directly before the surgery to discuss what was going on and would call me after to let me know the official diagnosis along with how the surgery went. Both Dr. Schwab, Dr. Krein and Dr. Murphy operated on Kreed for the second time. After successfully completing the surgery Dr. Murphy called and gave me the update. The amount of detail she went into put my mind at ease that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Murphy told me they stitched Kreed up from the inside out due to his high anxiety at the vet. She didn’t want to have him stressed coming back to have staples removed. Prior to her leaving for the day, she called again to give me an update. Dr. Murphy called me each morning that Kreed stayed in house and gave me detailed updates. When calling in for evening updates, Adam (who I believe was the receptionist) offered to take pictures of Kreed for me. He sent me several pictures with a very nice message that touched myself and my families heart. You have no idea how appreciative myself and my family are for your entire staff during this very scary and serious time!! I know there was PLENTY of other staff who worked closely with Kreed from nurses, anesthesiologist, receptionist, vet techs, the list goes on that I may have missed or did not have direct contact with. Everyone has been such a blessing and a God sent. I would recommend the facility to anyone. If I could give 1000/10 rating I would.