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Dr. Lisa Lipitz,

Our dog Kali was a patient at Metropolitan last year. She had an incredibly painful herniated disc that you operated on.

I want to let you know that Kali is doing very well. Yesterday was Memorial Day, and I recall last year on Memorial Day Weekend that while my family went to the beach, I stayed home with Kali as she recovered from surgery. She could barely walk and needed a harness to hold her up. I was confident she would get better but was hoping just at that moment that some day she would be able to walk again naturally without pain.

I was thinking about that moment on Memorial Day this year as our family took a hike in the woods. Kali handled every inch of that 4.5 mile walk so well — plowing through deep patches of mud, climbing under and over fallen trees (not high ones, I promise) and assuredly leading our family throughout the entire hike.

Her recovery hasn’t been without occasional setbacks, and I know there are some things she shouldn’t and can’t do anymore. But watching her yesterday, it was remarkable to see how far she had come. It wouldn’t have been possible without your help and everyone at Metropolitan. Thank you for taking such good care of her and allowing her to take part once again in our many family activities. We are truly grateful.

Kali’s family