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Our Brittany Spaniel “Champ” (liver & white in picture above) passed away on Sunday, February 2nd at Metro with the help of Dr. Rachel Morgan.  I don’t know what we would have done had she not been so compassionate from the first time we met her the week before until that day.  We were emotional wrecks just knowing what we were about to do to our sweet boy.  We were guilt-ridden and extremely sad but she helped ease our pain by reassuring us that we were doing the right thing since Champ stopped eating and we knew he was just ‘done’.  Dr. Morgan explained the process of euthanasia so that we knew what to expect as it was happening and we are so grateful for the time and care she took with Champ and us.  She stayed with us, gave us time to grieve afterwards and just made a devastating situation a bit more tolerable by being there.

On January 16th when I took Champ to see Dr. Kuczynski we found that he had developed a chronic kidney disease that was rapidly advancing.  She kept him for 4 nights to monitor him, give him fluids and check his creatinine levels daily.  She called us every morning with updates and we all remained hopeful however she did talk with us about watching Champ for quality of life changes.  Champ developed congestive heart failure and it came down to treating that first.  As soon as they could, they stopped the diuretics to concentrate once again on his kidneys.  Again, when we needed compassion and guidance she was there for us and we so appreciate it.

Dr. Rau was Champ’s oncologist for 2 years when we first found out he had form of cancer in 2018.  Dr. Rau saw Champ every 6 months to monitor him for changes and there were none.  Again, the compassion was there from start to finish and she always explained the pros and cons of his condition but with hope…always hope!  We appreciated that because hope is all we had to get us through…Champ had to do the rest.

Kira and the team at your front reception area – nothing but compassion and patience.  As sad as it is to think about our last visit to Metro, we are grateful that you have the kind of people who understand the emotions we all go through when we bring our pets there.  Especially when neither Ben or myself had ever experienced the sadness, guilt, desperation and pain your feel when you have to euthanize your sweet animal.

Thank you all so very much for the compassion that you show on a daily basis!  We don’t think we could have dealt with this if not for all of you!!

Very truly,
Patty & Ben