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Community Outreach

Education For The Community

MVA is offering free of charge, quarterly education seminars for our community of pet owners.

Upcoming classes can be found here. To RSVP, please contact Sarah Spurgeon at 610-666-1050 or via email.

How Metropolitan Veterinary Associates (MVA) Gives Back

In an effort to give back to the communities that so generously support our services, we proudly donate to many non-profit organizations and participate in fund-raising events. Organizations in the following categories may contact the MVA Marketing Department at (610) 666-1050 to discuss financial support of events, or email requests to

  • Animal-related organizations
  • Activities supporting local police, fire and rescue personnel
  • Programs providing assistance to children with special needs
  • Events benefitting adult & children terminal disease centers (ie: cancer)

Canine/Feline CPR and First Aid for the Community

MVA frequently holds a Dog and Cat CPR/First Aid Class for the Community at our hospital.  This is presented by one of our nurses who is Basic Life Support certified in the veterinary community.  Classes cover topics such as:

  • Presentation
    1. Introduction
    2. Assessing your pet’s vital signs – what is normal
    3. Recognizing when CPR is necessary
    4. Managing breathing and cardiac emergencies in your pet – performing CPR
    5. First Aid Guide and Emergency Treatment Instructions
  • Hands-On session
  • Important take home material