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My dog, Queenie, a rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, underwent surgery from another veterinarian at a different Animal Hospital in August 2012. Queenie’s surgery at this other Vet was horribly botched, causing a seriously fractured femur and a drastically shortened right hind leg, which completely took away her ability to walk. The first vet attempted to correct their mistake but only ended up worsening Queenie’s condition, as the pins that were placed in Queenie’s leg migrated out of the bone into the muscle, her femur torqued sideways, and her hip became completely dislocated.  Queenie could not walk and dragged herself around, only able to move very short distances and with much pain and discomfort. I carried her up and down stairs and from room to room in my house. Queenie’s leg was a wreck. Dr. Cabell tried a wait-and-see approach to give Queenie’s leg the opportunity to heal, but after a check up, Dr. Cabell saw that the previous surgery left Queenie’s leg in such bad shape that it would never heal on its own. Dr. Cabell went in, performed surgery, and repaired all of the mistakes made by the other Vet. Dr. Cabell reconstructed Queenie’s leg by taking out all of the mangled hardware in her rear hind leg – broken wires, pins going through muscle – and corrected her fracture by placing a bar with screws anchored through the bone, and giving her two live bone transplants. And Dr. Cabell performed the surgery the day before Thanksgiving, going so far as to take Queenie back into X-Ray while under anesthesia to locate and remove the pins stuck in her leg muscles. Dr. Cabell also called me Thanksgiving morning while checking in on Queenie to let me know how well my beloved dog was doing the day after surgery.

It has been 6 weeks and Queenie can now walk, which is truly a miracle. Dr. Cabell had told me that Queenie’s leg was in such bad shape that it should have been amputated, but due to Queenie’s severe arthritis in her left hind leg, she would not have been able to live as a three legged dog. Dr. Cabell is not only the very best surgeon you can find, she is also compassionate, honest, caring, dedicated to the animal’s welfare, hardworking, has the highest level of integrity, this list could go on and on. If not for Dr. Cabell’s heroic efforts in the operating room, my dog, Queenie would not be here with me today. Queenie is only seven and still has many years to play and live, and Dr. Cabell gave Queenie her life back and gave me my dog back. The first few years of Queenie’s life were very rough, and I have only had the honor of having her as my companion for 2 1/2 years now, and by the grace of God and Dr. Cabell – Queenie is here to stay.

The staff at Metropolitan has always been very professional, kind and helpful. Truly a top-notch establishment. Don’t go anywhere else.