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Hi All —

Sophie had malignant melanoma in her mouth, which we discovered in February. The tumor was small and removed immediately by our vet – Dr Jane Latta. Unfortunately it grew back in July. With the tests results we went to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates and spoke with Dr Lori Cabell. 

Dr. Cabell looked at Sophie and the tests that we had taken from our vet. We explained our concerns with her and we had tests done that would provide her with as much information about where the tumor was / if it spread, etc. So Sophie had X-rays, Ultra Sound, and CAT scan and after they were done it showed the tumor in her gum where the previous surgery had occurred. With the good news that there was no evidence the cancer had spread we decided to go ahead with the surgery with Dr. Paul Orsini. We spoke with Dr. Orsini for over an hour about what he was going to do and he showed us on a skeleton of a canine skull, while he sat on the floor with Sophie and was very sweet with her. He called after the surgery and said everything was fine and Sophie was ok. The first words from him were she’s a tough little girl. She was already awake and standing up. I am truly amazed how we were treated at Metropolitan Vet Assoc by the Dr’s there and the staff. They could not have been more caring and compassionate. At one point when I asked Dr. Orsini if it were his dog, how he would treat her – his reply was – she is my dog right now – that’s why I am treating her this way.

Again we cannot say enough about Dr. Lori Cabel and Dr. Paul Orsini for all their help and dedication. Think about Metropolitan Vet Associates if your dog is in a difficult situation and need a specialist.”

Polly & Martie