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Our local veterinarian referred us to MVA and Dr. Schwab when Molly ruptured the ACL on her right hind leg. This was not her first time doing this. Three years ago, she did the same thing to her left hind leg and had a lateral suture repair done by another animal specialty hospital. The surgery was successful but it took a full 12 weeks of recovery before she was allowed to walk on the leg without a support sling. She also required many laser treatments for pain and water therapy to help strengthen her leg. Her recovery from surgery #1 lasted nearly 5 months.

Molly is a small dog but Dr. Schwab thought she would benefit greatly from a TLPO operation because it would add additional stability to her leg. He advised us that recovery from the TLPO would be very different than her first knee repair. He thoroughly advised what would be done, we discussed and authorized the surgery. We are ever so glad we did!

When we picked Molly up the following day, she was alert, excited to see us and was trying to walk on her surgically repaired leg. Recovery was so much easier for both her and for us. Even though she was restricted to a confined area or her crate during her home recovery, she was not afraid to use her leg to maneuver herself to be comfortable. At 8 weeks, we got the “all clear” to slowly return to her normal activities. We began with slowly progressive longer walks at a local park which she tolerated and loved. She regained her normal graceful prance quite quickly. No laser treatments or other costly rehab was necessary.

We highly recommend Metropolitan Veterinary Associates for your emergency and surgical needs. Their doctors and staff are knowledgeable, skilled, helpful and extremely caring. If we called with questions or concerns, someone was always immediately available to speak with us.

Molly is completely back to normal and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome from her surgery. Thanks to all at MVA!

Anne & Tom Pombrekas