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To Purl’s Dear Doctors:

I want to thank you both so much for your care and treatment of Purl. Thanks to your diagnosis and surgery, she is a normal happy puppy now. The transformation was so immediate and remarkable that I still can’t quite believe it. I had resigned myself to Purl’s having a very difficult and probably short life. Every time she ate, she was in terrible danger of choking to death. She had quit gaining weight and I was afraid she just was not going to be able to get enough food to thrive. Now she eats happily and easily with no gagging or coughing. She has gained an entire pound since the surgery! It’s all I ever wished for Purl, and you made it happen.

I also want to say how impressed I was with the staff at your hospital.  Everyone I dealt with, from the moment I walked in until I checked Purl out, was unfailingly polite, kind, competent and efficient. Until you encounter that kind of systemic professionalism, you don’t realize how rare it is. Your organization could serve as a model for other practices, veterinary or otherwise. Every good thing I heard from my friends and customers about Metropolitan, and there were many of them, was confirmed by my own experience.

Thank you again for Purl’s happy life – and mine!