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When his mom came home from her job at local veterinarian it was 9pm and Moses was hunched over and had vomited dozens of times. His stomach was distended and she knew exactly what was happening. Moses had bloated or had GDV, Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus. In GDV, time is precious so mom knew she had to get him somewhere and fast. Moses arrived at Metropolitan and Dr. Gaunt quickly confirmed what Moe’s mom suspected. He would need life saving surgery and fast. Moses, an American Bulldog/Shar Pei mix was already 10 years old and mom was beside herself because she knew how very serious this was. Dr. Wolf took Moses to surgery and preformed a gastropexy. Thankfully, none of his organs had been compromised and we are happy to report that Moses celebrated his 12th birthday and is thriving.