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“Diseases of the Canine Lens” – PVMA District 7 meeting

By:  Amanda Corr, VMD, DACVO
Date:  Wednesday, September 12th
Time:  6:30 pm dinner & registration / 7:00 pm lecture
Location:  William Penn Inn in Gwynedd

This talk will cover the pathogenesis and diagnosis of commonly seen abnormalities of the canine lens including congenital defects, cataracts, and lens instability. We will specifically discuss how to differentiate between primary/inherited and secondary cataracts and lens instabilities as well as how this differentiation affects therapy. Lens-induced uveitis (LIU) associated with these conditions is under diagnosed and under treated; we will review tips for diagnosis and treatment of LIU.  Since most diseases of the canine lens require life-long monitoring, general guidelines for long-term management of these cases will be given.

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“The Puzzle of Veterinary Practice Management”

By:  Terry O’Neil of KSM
Date:  Wednesday, September 26th
Time:  12:30 pm lunch & registration / lecture  from 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Location:  Terrain Gardens at Devon Yards

4 CVPM credits

Join us for an engaging seminar from Terry O’Neil – a leader in veterinary practice management. Terry is a sought-after subject matter expert in business, financial, and tax advice for veterinary practices. An authority in veterinary practice management and optimizing growth strategies, Terry often speaks at conferences on a variety of emerging business topics, financial benchmarks, and succession planning. The seminar focuses on issues key to a hospital’s success such as:

Profit-Enhancement Workshop: Finding the Root Cause
How can you enhance your veterinary practice’s profits? The answer starts with identifying the key issues or problems that need solving. We will cover common pitfalls, developing a problem-solving plan of attack and developing an action plan; but more importantly, this session will teach owners and DVMs a new process for thinking about the problems they face in their practice and will give them practical tools for implementation.

Why Budgeting Can Prevent Problems and Relieve Stress
Budgeting is an important part of running a veterinary practice, but often it gets lost in the busyness of day-to-day work. Budgets can benefit a practice in many different ways – allowing owners and DVMs to anticipate problems and make continuous improvements, enabling sound financial decisions, establishing accountability and even establishing incentives for key management personnel, to name a few.

How to Boost Your Return on Investment by Exposing Hidden Costs
Your practice needs new equipment, but have you considered the costs beyond the price tag – the hidden costs?

All About Fees: What to Charge and How to Keep It
There are many factors to consider when determining what you charge at your practice. This session will cover the various steps for establishing fees, including:

  • Setting the fee (price and structure)
  • Getting the fee (client education)
  • Keeping the fee (time management)

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“Managing School Loans & Setting Yourself Up for Success”

By:  Justin Rice, Financial Advisor – Mid Atlantic Resource Group
Date:  Sunday, October 28th
Time:  12:30 pm lunch & registration / 1:00 pm lecture
Location:  Terrain Gardens at Devon Yards

Please note that while this lecture is geared towards doctors, the content is applicable for technicians as well.

According to the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Wellbeing Study, high student debt is a top concern about among young veterinarians, with 67% rating it as a critically important issue. The average veterinary student graduated in 2017 with more than $138,000 in student debt – nearly twice the average starting salary for a veterinarian. Join us for a poignant presentation on effectively managing your student loans as a foundation to a successful future, the importance of life and disability insurance, and maximizing your investments to take advantage of compounded interest. Given by Justin Rice, Financial Advisor for Mid Atlantic Resource Group, LLC and a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative of Securian Financial Services, Inc.

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“Cardiology ECGs with Hope VS & Metropolitan Veterinary Associates”

By:  Risa Roland, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology) and Ellen Davison, VMD, DACVIM (Cardiology)
Date:  Thursday, November 15th
6:15pm Registration and Dinner
7:00pm ECGs in Review Part I: What are you looking at?
8:00pm ECGs in Review Part II: What should you do with what you’ve seen?
9:00pm Closing remarks
Location:  Teca in Newtown Square

Join Drs. Risa Roland and Ellen Davison for a two-part lecture series on ECG’s. This is a great refresher evening that will review the electrical activity of the heart, a planned approach to evaluating the ECG, and variations of normal ECGs. We will also discuss the common ECG abnormalities that plague us in practice and how to best evaluate and treat arrhythmias, whether acute or chronic.

ECGs in Review Part I: What are you looking at?
The objective of the lecture is to review the electrical activity of the heart, learn a step-wise plan to approaching ECG evaluation and to review normal ECGs as well as discuss variations on normal ECGs.

ECGs in Review: Part II: What should you do with what you’ve seen?
The objective of the lecture is to review the evaluation and treatment of common ECG abnormalities seen in practice. We will discuss history, clinical signs and cardiac and non-cardiac causes of these arrhythmias. We will also review the diagnostic and therapeutic approach taken once an ECG has been evaluated and discuss the common treatments used for emergency and chronic control of these arrhythmias.

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