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First off everyone and I mean everyone at Met-Vet was perfect. Lambeau entered our family as a kitten who wondered into our garage one night.  After attempts at finding his home, it was determined that he didn’t have one, and was going to be a part of ours.  We took him into our family veterinary for a complete physical and x-rays and unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic hernia.  Soon after getting the bad news, we ended up at Metropolitan in the middle of the night one night because Lambeau was having a tough time breathing.  We consulted with Dr. Jacqui Niles, who recommended surgical repair.  As quickly as this came up, we weren’t prepared for the financial commitment presented to us, and that’s when we heard about MVA’s Paws of Promise Foundation.  Thankfully Lambeau was a good candidate – he had his surgery with Dr. Niles and everything went perfectly.  He is a fighter OBVIOUSLY because after surgery he kept figuring out how to get his cone off!  But with confinement (which was heartbreaking to do, but necessary) and some adjustments to his litter pan, he did well and was ready for his recheck.  We had the sutures removed and Dr. Niles couldn’t have asked for a better result.  She didn’t even need to see him again.  But we did bring him down after that for nothing more than a thank you visit.  Many of the staff remember him because of the severity of the situation.  So that 2.2 pound 8-week-old kitten they originally met is now 10.5 pounds, his paws are huge, and tail is long.  As far as his life here he tends to stay close and choose to be with his humans.  Of course, he is a 7-8-month-old terror to his “big” sister Andromeda!!  So essentially just a regular healthy baby boy!  My other rescue Andromeda loves him now which was a concern of course in the beginning.  Also, worth noting that I have had cats before and NEVER had one eat like Lambeau.  Still making up for lost time, I think.  He is so loved and has more home-made blankets that he can count – thanks to my mom.  He wandered into the right garage on the perfect day all that time ago. I suppose this was me keeping it short but everyone from my mom, sister, my girlfriend and myself to Green Lane Vet and Metropolitan Veterinary Associates are responsible for saving his life.  As I’m writing this the two of them are ripping around across the table, I’m typing this on.  The Rinker Family.