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BRRRRR!!! And then not so much – odd weather seems to be the trend in our area these days!  However, we’re all still utilizing a few products that we’d like you to know a bit more about, especially how they can impact your furry family members!

Antifreeze, a.k.a. ethylene glycol – tastes SOOOOOO good, and sadly, it hurts so bad.  This chemical isn’t just found in radiator coolant (though this has the highest content at ~95%), but is also an ingredient in windshield deicing fluid, motor oils, hydraulic brake fluid, and other paints/solvents.

This is toxic to BOTH cats and dogs, and is harmful in even minute doses; ONE TEASPOON can be fatal for a cat or small dog, whereas ONE TABLESPOON can result in acute/severe kidney failure in medium to large dogs.

If you suspect your cat or dog has ingested ANY amount of this chemical, please call poison control and get them to us here at MVA or your local veterinarian – whomever is closest ASAP!

Signs to watch out for include (but are not limited to): “drunkenness”, vomiting, panting, lethargy/sedation/coma, excessive thirst and/or urination, and halitosis.

Please keep ANY product containers with ethylene glycol listed as an ingredient tightly closed and secured in an inaccessible area for your pets.  Ensure that ANY spills are immediately cleaned up, and keep your furry family members well away from any areas of concern!

By:  Alyssa Mages, B.S., CVT – Education & Development Coordinator

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