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By:  MVA nurse supervisor Shara Stephenson

What it means to be a veterinary technician:

Veterinary technicians are the phlebotomist, anesthetist, treat giving, oral hygienist, surgical assistant, laboratory technician, paw holding, healing hearts that truly love animals.  They work behind the scenes and do more than most people can imagine.  They work every day to strengthen the human-animal bond that so many of us value. Veterinary technicians are the voice for the pets that have no voice, and they do it all, because they know in their own way, the pets are saying “thank you.”

What our team means to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates:

Our team of veterinary technicians, means not having to worry about the standard of patient care.  Our veterinary technicians love what they do and it comes second nature to them; helping animals takes a special place in someone’s heart.  It isn’t always petting puppies and kitties, and some days are better than others, but helping animals who have so much unconditional love makes it all worthwhile.

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