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Protective Pet Gear

Rain, Snow, Rain, Sun, Rain, Snow – welcome to winter in PA where you NEVER know what to expect!  Like us, our pets have to get out and about in all the wet and wild weather, and there are a few things that you should be aware of before they do.

Ice/Snow melt is EVERYWHERE this time of year, and not all of it is pet-friendly!  The salts/chemicals can be very irritating to your pet’s paw pads, and some of the larger pieces can even cause lacerations.  After every walk/time outside, take some time to soak or wipe your pet’s paws in warm water to rinse any traces of the melting agent(s) off, and be sure to check in between their toes as well.  Dry them off REALLY well as wet feet are NOT a treat, and lingering moisture can lead to other issues (more on that later!).

To avoid this concern entirely, there are pet boots/protective gear available – your local pet supply store should carry some options, and hey, if there’s any with Eagles colors, even better!

Along with protecting your pet’s feet, those that have short to little fur would benefit from at least a sweater, or some other type of ‘coat’.  Minimize your time outside as well – no more than is necessary for them to relieve themselves – especially when temperatures drop below freezing!

Keep warm, stay dry, clean those paws, and GO EAGLES!!!