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Oronasal Fistulas

Oronasal Fistulas By Corinne Durand, DVM An oronasal fistula is a pathologic communication between the mouth and nasal cavity.  They can develop secondary to trauma, neoplasia, immune-mediated disease and most commonly secondary to advanced periodontal disease.  Smaller long-nosed breeds, such…

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AAHA Accredited Hospital Day

Tomorrow is AAHA-Accredited hospital day.  Every year, July 22 serves as the day AAHA designated to educate pet owners about what accreditation means for their pets and to thank accredited hospitals for holding themselves to a higher standard. Not all…

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Is your dog experiencing front leg lameness?

Is your dog experiencing front leg lameness? By Rebecca Wolf, VMD, DACVS-SA Many of the orthopedic problems we diagnose in forelimbs are now treated arthroscopically, meaning smaller incisions, fewer complications, and less postoperative pain.  In the shoulder, osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD)…

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