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John V. DeBiasio

Internal Medicine, DVM, DACVIM

About Me

Dr. John DeBiasio, a native of Bergen County, New Jersey, fell in love with the Philadelphia area after attending the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated summa cum laude with distinction in Biology, earning his Bachelor of Arts in Molecular and Cell Biology in 1999. He continued his education at Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine, where he was awarded his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2003. After graduating, he completed a rigorous one-year rotating internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at Oradell Animal Hospital in Paramus, New Jersey. Following his internship, he accepted a faculty position at Texas A&M University, College of Veterinary Medicine, teaching fourth year veterinary students on the Community Practice Service. He then went on to enter a three-year, Small Animal Internal Medicine Residency program at Texas A&M. Upon completion in 2008, he obtained his board certification from the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

Dr. DeBiasio has been with MVA since 2008 and is currently the Hospital Medical Director.  His clinical interests within the broad discipline of internal medicine include gastroenterology (with a particular focus on endoscopy), hepatology, hematology, respiratory disease, endocrinology and infectious disease.

Dr. DeBiasio performs numerous specialized procedures which include, but are not limited to, laparoscopic surgery, gastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, rhinoscopy, bronchoscopy, urethrocystoscopy, radiographic contrast studies, feeding tube placement (PEG, esophagostomy, jejunostomy), bronchoalveolar lavage, tracheal stenting, urethral synthetic collagen bulking (for urinary incontinence), and bone marrow aspirates and biopsies.

In his free time, Dr. DeBiasio enjoys running, caring for his menagerie (two dogs, two cats, snakes, geckos, frogs, and chickens), and most of all spending time with his wife, and two daughters.

Sampling Of Dr. DeBiasio’s Veterinary Publications

Ruhnke I, DeBiasio J, Suchodolski JS, et. al. Evaluation of endoscopically obtained duodenal biopsy samples from cats and dogs in an adapter-modified Ussing chamber. Research In Veterinary Science June 2014.

Schwab T, Popovitch C, DeBiasio J, Goldschmidt M. Clinical Outcome for MCTs of Canine Pinnae Treated with Surgical Excision (2004–2008). In JAAHA: May/June 2014.

Ruhnke I, DeBiasio J, Suchodolski JS, et. al. Adapter-modified Ussing chamber enables evaluation of endoscopically obtained colonic biopsy samples from cats and dogs. Research In Veterinary Science December 2012.

Ruhnke I, DeBiasio J, Suchodolski JS, et. al. Evaluation of an Adapter-Modified Ussing Chamber for Assessment of Endoscopically Obtained Colonic Biopsies from Cats and Dogs. ECVIM-CA Congress September 2010.

DeBiasio J, Steiner JM, Suchodolski JS, et. al. Optimization of sample handling and processing, and determination of a reference range for the 13C-aminopyrine demethylation blood test in healthy dogs. Am J Vet Res. November 2008.

DeBiasio J. Chapters: Hepatic Emergencies and Infectious Disease Emergencies; Additional Individual Topics: Constipation/Obstipation, Feline and Canine Pancreatitis, and Mesenteric Torsion. In: McMichael M ed. Handbook of Veterinary Emergency Protocols: Dog and Cat. Teton New Media; March 2008.

DeBiasio J. Clinical Evaluation of Patients with Chronic Vomiting. In: Steiner J. ed. Small Animal Gastroenterology. Wiley, John & Sons; May 2008.

DeBiasio J, Steiner JM, et. al. Sample Handling and Processing Optimization and Reference Range Determination for the 13C-aminopyrine Demethylation Blood Test in Healthy Dogs. Abstract, ECVIM-CA Congress September 2007.

Abdel-Ghany M, Cheng HC, Elble RC, Lin H, DeBiasio J, Pauli BU. The Interacting Binding Domains of the β4 Integrin and Calcium-activated Chloride Channels (CLCAs) in Metastasis. J. Biol Chem, Dec 2003; 278: 49406 – 49416.

Elble RC, Ji G, Nehrke K, DeBiasio J, et al. Molecular and functional characterization of a murine calciumactivated chloride channel expressed in smooth muscle. J Biol Chem. May 2002; 277: 18586 – 18591.

Yang C, Huang M, DeBiasio J, et al. Profilin enhances Cdc42-induced nucleation of actin polymerization. J Cell Biol. Sep 4, 2000; 150: 1001-1012.

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