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Social distancing pets

Spending Time with your Pets During Social Distancing

Below are a few ways to keep yourself and your pets occupied while you have to spend some extra time home —

Search & Sniff: Hide treats around your home to send your pets on an adventure
Hall Ball: A long straight hallway is ideal for this game
Training: Teach your pet how to clean up his or her toys
Massage: Master the art of doggie massage
Obstacles: Create and indoor obstacle course
Games: Hide and Seek
Bake: Make some simple treats
Go for a Walk: Take your pet on a leash for a walk
Recycle Boxes: Make fun for your kitty with cardboard box play area
Toys: Use Feather Toys, Laser Pointers,
Snuggle: Snuggle up and Cuddle on the Couch with a Movie

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