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Allergic reactions can be caused by a variety of different causes. These causes can include but are not limited to insect bites, food products, atmospheric contaminants and medications, and vaccinations.

Clinical signs can include:

  • redness,
  • swelling,
  • inflammation, and
  • itchiness of the muzzle, eyes, eyelids, nose and ears.

In severe cases generalized hives, facial swelling and edema as well as respiratory or breathing difficulties can be seen. If you notice redness or irritation while using a new product, such as a pet shampoo, immediately stop using the product and rinse your pet with cold water.

If your pet starts to show clinical signs of an allergic reaction contact your family veterinarian or see an emergency facility.

Sometimes, animals require injectable drugs to help stop the allergic reaction. Keeping children’s benadryl or generic diphenhydramine products may be helpful to initially treat your pet at home under direction of a veterinarian.