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What to do in an Emergency

IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING AN EMERGENCY call your regular veterinarian. Many area veterinary hospitals refer emergency calls to us in the evenings and on weekends and holidays.

*Please call MES at 610-666-1050 before coming.

Even in a dire emergency the staff may be able to suggest immediate first aid measures and give you specific travel directions to the hospital. In addition the staff will be able to prepare for your animal’s arrival and care based on this initial estimation of your pet’s situation. To aid our staff in swift, accurate diagnosis, our facility is equipped for blood analysis, radiology, cardiac EKG’s, as well as many routine diagnostic procedures.

Metropolitan Veterinary Associates on National News

Metropolitan Veterinary Associates have been mentioned on both local news channels and national news.  Both stories have a very strong message on two important issues pets face.


Metropolitan’s Dr. Timothy Schwab, nurse Randi, and Home at Last Dog Rescue‘s Chrissie, along with little Max were on Fox 29 news.  Max suffered major injury to his head an neck as a suspected bait dog; as difficult as these cases are to hear it’s important for people to know they are real and still happening right in our back yard.

Max’s Story


Metropolitan’s Dr. Steve Fernandez and The Grannie Project’s Amanda Cox were on Fox 29 News.  Mr. Biscuit climbed into a car’s engine to stay warm, and when the owner of the car noticed it wasn’t steering properly he found this little guy stuck in his engine.  Suffering burns to 1/3 of his body, Mr Biscuit is lucky to be alive.

Mr Biscuit’s Fox 29 Story

Mr Biscui’ts NBC Story