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How to Request or Fill a Prescription

By Heather Moyer | Client Services Manager

Looking to request or fill a prescription for your pet? At Metropolitan Veterinary Associates (MVA) we offer a variety of ways to fill your prescription. Our client services manager Heather Moyer answers some of the most frequently asked questions about filling a prescription below.

If you still have outstanding questions please feel free to call us at 610-666-1050.

How does someone request a prescription at MVA?

Heather Moyer: If one of our doctors prescribed a medication for a patient seen within the past year there are several options to request a refill on their prescription.

The client can visit or call the Business Office between 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. We also accept online and compounding pharmacy requests by fax or email.

What information or documents does someone need to fill a prescription?

We would have the prescription information in our computer system, so we’d need the patient’s name, patient’s last name, and associated phone number or email address for an online request or phone request. We would provide a written script directly to a human pharmacy or compounding pharmacy. If a client wants to order from on online pharmacy, the pharmacy would contact us directly for approval.

What happens next?

If the hospital has authorized a prescription to be refilled, we’d contact the client and let them know when their prescription would be ready for pick up, we can also mail most prescriptions if requested.

If the refill was occurring at an outside pharmacy, they would contact the client to let them know when it’s processed.

What are some common mistakes people make with prescriptions?

Clients often ask for a written script to submit to an online pharmacy, which they don’t need to get the process started. Once the client places the order with the online pharmacy, they will get in touch with us via fax or phone for our approval. Once approved the pharmacy will contact the client.

Are there any options to fill prescriptions while traveling?

There are many prescriptions that can be filled at a human pharmacy such as CVS or Rite Aid. If it is an animal only medication we can work with local veterinary hospitals* where the owner is located if it’s an emergent situation.

*Please note that this may require an examination by the veterinary hospital dependent on applicable state or local regulations.

What should people do in an emergency?

Call the hospital, a client service representative or nurse would be able to answer questions in an emergent situation.

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