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Introducing the Alcon Centurion Vision System at Metropolitan Veterinary

Exceptional skill and extraordinary care are part of MVA’s core values, and being on
the leading edge of technology is part of this commitment. Now, our ophthalmology
department is thrilled to be one of only a handful of veterinary hospitals in the
country – and the only one in the region – to utilize the Centurion Vision System for
the treatment of cataracts in companion animals.

The Centurion Vision System is an innovative surgical phacoemulsification device
that is indicated for emulsification, separation, irrigation, and aspiration of
cataracts, residual cortical material, and lens epithelial cells, vitreous aspiration and
cutting associated with anterior vitrectomy, bipolar coagulation, and intraocular
lens injection.

Originally designed to treat the eyes of humans, the Centurion Vision System will
allow for streamlined surgical planning, increased efficiency of cataract removal,
and better optimization of patient outcomes.

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