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From Unwanted to Loved

Why it’s so important to adopt shelter animals?

Meet Turnip, a 4 month old kitten turned into the SPCA with a fractured leg.  Due to the overwhelming population at the SPCA and the costs involved with fixing fractures (and after care) they desperately attempted to find a shelter to assist with Turnip’s medical needs and adoption – unfortunately, there were no rescues with space available.

This sad beginning fortunately turns out to have a happy ending as Dr. Cabell of Metropolitan heard of the case and was able to bring the kitten to our hospital for fracture repair.  During Turnip’s stay one of our nurses fell in love and now he has found their forever home and is on the road to wellness and a happy life.

There are so many of these stories that don’t have the same happy ending – although June was officially adopt a shelter animal month, we’d like to focus on it year round.  There are fantastic rescues in the area and the SPCA is open 365 days a year to make your dreams of a new family member come to a reality.