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From Broken and Sad to Fixed and Happy

We are happy to introduce Arthur!

Arthur presented to the SPCA with an old fracture in his left arm and a fracture of his hip.  The left arm fracture had since healed and he was walking comfortably but the hip fracture was still causing him pain and discomfort.  The SPCA reached out to local shelters for some assistance in caring for Arthur, but all shelters were full.  Dr. Lori Cabell heard about Arthur and brought him into Metropolitan fixing his hip fracture, and since then, he has been doing very well.  During his stay at Metropolitan, Natalie and her family met Arthur and fell immediately in love.  They have since taken him home to finish his recovery in comfort and spend time with his new feline friend Brutus.

Again, there are so many of these stories that don’t have the same happy ending.  There are fantastic rescues in the area and the SPCA is open 365 days a year to make your dreams of a new family member come to a reality.